Surprise Vacation!

It has recently been pointed out to me by my mother that starting on Friday I will be out of the office for 10 whole days! (I almost said 9, but then I counted and it’s actually 10. How very exciting!)

Now, I knew that she and I were trading Thursday and Friday (normally I work from home a little on Thursday and she watches Jack while I work a long day on Friday) and I also knew that I was taking off next Wed-Fri because she’s going to be out of town and I figured if I was taking Wednesday and Friday off I should just go ahead and take Thursday off too because it just seemed to make sense.

What I had not put together was that Monday (July 4) is a holiday and so I’ll work a little from home on Friday, and then again on Tuesday like I normally do but I will not have to show my face in the office again until July 11!

This just reminds me how very lucky I am that my job was willing to work with me and let me decrease my hours at work so I could spend more time at home playing with Jack, and over the next week and a half it will be much more time!

Hello, Monday (AKA: I am a Moron)

So this morning Jack slept til 7:10. After almost 2 weeks of getting up between 6:30-6:45 I’m glad he was able to sleep in some, even if I wasn’t able to sleep in with him! (Where was this sleeping in thing yesterday, or even tomorrow?!)

Anyways, that’s not really related to why I’m a moron, just wanted to throw that in there because I was starting to think that 6:45 might actually be the new wakeup time (even though last time I thought that it turned out he was just getting like 4 teeth (2 of them molars) on top and then he went back to normal, and this time he’s definitely got 2 new teeth poking through on the bottom with 2 bottom molars close behind) so it’s sort of a relief to think that maybe since 2 of the bottom teeth have poked through he’ll have some relief and maybe he’ll be able to stay asleep longer and maybe once those molars have come through maybe, JUST MAYBE, I’ll be able to sleep til 7 again!

So now the part where I’m a moron.

To make a short story longer (sorry) I just want to add a little back story, where I worked from home last Monday, and then I always work from home Tuesday and Thursday, and I took Wednesday off and then Friday was “Spring Holiday” so we had off work, which means last week was a really (wonderful) light week for me.

Cut to today, I get out of my car at work, go to the back seat and realize my laptop bag is not there. It’s at home, upstairs, in the office. So I got back into the car and considered whether I would go work from home again or go up and work on my desktop (yes, I have a laptop and a desktop, but I haven’t actually set the desktop up as a work station yet).

I decided to suck it up and go upstairs and work. I got into the lobby of the building and realize… my badge is in my laptop bag.

I was trapped in the lobby.

Once again I considered going to work from home, but that still felt like the slacker’s way out and fortunately Nate works in this building now so I was able to call him and he was nice enough to come get me and drop me off on my floor (and guilt me about going to the front desk to get a temporary badge which I haven’t done yet, I just don’t plan on leaving my floor til I go home).

ALSO! I’m now 99.9% sure the rodenty thing in the back yard is a mouse. Or multiple mice (one at a time). Nate is thrilled and has suggested we get rid of the bird feeders (not going to happen) or put out house traps (why kill them for living outside?!) so hopefully someone can impress upon them that staying outside is key to their survival. Or maybe the barn cats that live across the street can come over and make a snack out of them thus saving me the stress of having to consider trapping them.

More Halloween!

Today was the Costume Contest at work and I completely forgot about it! I didn’t actually have a costume prepared, but I had at least purchased really cute Halloween socks that I had intended to wear! So that totally sort of almost counts, right?

One of my coworkers had an awesome costume. He dressed up as one of those tiny green army action figure guys, you all know what I’m talking about, right? These guys? He did a really good job, even going so far as getting green face paint.

They have a “best groups” and next year I really hope my group can come up with something to do. I don’t know that I could come up with something for us to do, but if someone else came up with something I would totally be on board for a group themed Halloween costume!

Also, I know the dogs will not be thrilled with Halloween tomorrow. They’re not huge fans of the costume humiliation for one, but also there will (hopefully) be a zillion door bells ringing so we can practice “not freaking out every time the doorbell rings.” I’m sure it will go really really well. If they were less moronic I would totally dress them up and let them help me give out candy, but they’re not. Layne the Anxiety Dog would probably flip her shit to be approached by a group of kids in costume and I don’t think Gouda would be able to resist attempting to lick every single one of them on the face about 1000 times each. My dogs are extra “special” like that.

New Digs

So last Friday my group was moved to the south side of the building we had been working in. It’s a nice area of the building; overall I really like it so far except that the office mail boxes are upstairs on the fourth flood and my desk is on the first floor and I just don’t see myself checking it very often now.


This morning I went use the restroom and when I was done the freaking toilet would not flush. I am not even kidding. I pushed the handle every which way, I pushed and held it, I pushed and released and pushed and released and pushed and released etc, but nothing. It made a slight noise but otherwise did not even attempt to flush.

I very seriously almost died.

Fortunately it was just pee because otherwise instead of just being severely pissed off I would have also been mortified.

As it was I came back to my desk and wrote “OUT OF ORDER” on a piece of paper and taped it to the door so no one else would have to go in and think some awful person is too stupid to flush the toilet. Then I went back to my desk and left a voicemail for the facilities group because even if they’re not the ones that fix it, they’re the ones that will have to contact whoever does. I’m guessing it’s the building manager since it’s a problem with the building itself and if they respond as quickly to this as they did that time I called to report a toilet was gushing water every time it was flushed (during our terrible drought two summers ago) then it will probably be fixed sometime in late October.

And just in case, every time I’ve gone in there since then (which let’s face it, I’m pregnant so it’s like once an hour at least) I’ve tried it again but so far it’s still broken. And my sign is still up, so that’s good.

Also, later on in the morning I saw a girl pulling a flat cart stacked full of boxes through the main door to the building and when she went over the hump of the entry half the boxes tumbled to the ground. I asked if she needed help and she said she was fine and I’m embarrassed to admit I totally hesitated before going over to help her pick up the boxes. Fortunately they weren’t ridiculously heavy because I’ve heard there’s some sort of pregnant woman lifting weight limit but I have on idea what it is. So as I stood there helping her pick up the boxes that were still on the outside of the building, both of us propping open the doors with our feet and leaning out to grab boxes, a very tall man walked over to the elevators and got on without giving us a second glance.

Now I don’t want to be all “he’s a man he should have helped” because it really has nothing to do with a man helping a couple of women, but how about “he’s a person watching two other people trying to restack these boxes that were stacked almost as high as they are tall” and he didn’t even stop to consider it. He just got on the elevator and went about his business. That just really annoyed me.

Otherwise I’m pleased to report my new seat is near a window and I’ve brought in a plan. If this plant lives I have plans for future plants, but I want to wait and see what this one does first. I’m very excited about the prospect.

A Storm is Brewing


Which means that the local news will be airing the weather map and updating us constantly until the storm has passed. I hope no one was interested in the actual news around here!

Oh! Update! We’re under a tornado warning! Hopefully the rain will pass by the time we go to bed so the dogs won’t refuse to leave the porch.

So anyways, that’s all the excitement I can muster for right now. I think I need a nap.

And also? My work has blocked access to Twitter which makes me really sad. I mean obviously I’m not spending all day on there or anything, but really is it so awful to be able to pop up every once in a while just to see what’s going on with my tweeps?!

Power Outage

Nothing like having the power flick on and off a few times to shake things up at work!

It doesn’t happen often or anything, but when it does I have to admit I kind of like it. It’s sort of fun! It makes being in a cube less suck too. Everyone gets all quiet the first time it happens. Like we’re all holding our breath, hoping it will happen again only the next time maybe it won’t flick back on so quickly. And then it does happen again and you hear the sort of nervous tittering, people talking quietly, wondering what’s going on, and if it’s going to off and not come back on. People start making goofy comments about what could be causing it. Like someone in the breaker room going “I wonder what this plug does!”

And then it stops.

And things go back to normal, people get back to work, the normal sounds of being at work in cube-land return.

But still, for a few minutes it was almost fun. Almost exciting! And we were almost going home.

Ok, so maybe not almost, but it was definitely exciting to think so!

Somehow I’m Not Surprised

It’s been 3.5 weeks since I left my last job. It’s been almost 6 weeks since I turned in my 6 week notice. Today I finally called to rollover my 401k and I was told that I couldn’t roll it over because my 401k company had not received my termination notice.

She gave me the number for HR and I started having flashbacks to the beginning of the year when it took me almost 3 months to get my insurance information straight with them because when they migrated the system it hosed a LOT of stuff and I called a LOT. It took me like two weeks before I was even able to login to the new system to realize my insurance was hosed, and hosed as in it said I didn’t have any and after that it took until March before the insurance company realized I was in fact insured through them.

I have to admit when I got what I thought was my “final paycheck” I was a little worried. I didn’t look like a final paycheck that was prorated for the 2 days I worked in that pay period plus my vacation time. It looked like a normal paycheck. I just thought maybe the vacation time balanced out with the regular pay amount. I hoped.

So tomorrow I will call the HR number back and hopefully speak to someone who can actually help me as opposed to someone who says “I’ll file a ticket with the xyz people who actually do all the work” because I am NOT in the mood for that. Not to mention when they say they’ll call you back in a few days to verify it’s fixed they mean you need to call back every week until it gets fixed or else you’ll never hear from them again.

I am so annoyed.

I Shouldn’t be able to Leave the House Unescorted

This morning I made it all the way to work before I realized I left my purse at home.

My purse. My PURSE!

How the heck did I even make it out the front door without it!? That’s what I want to know. And then I only noticed it was missing when I was getting stuff out of the car to go into the building and didn’t have anywhere to put my keys.

Un-freakin-believable. Fortunately I got to work around 6:48 so by the time I got home and back it was only 7:15, but still. NOT COOL.

And also – boy was the cat surprised to see me back home! The look on her face when I walked in was like I had interrupted her private reflection time on the living room floor and HOW DARE I?

In non-work-related news (I know, thank GOD), umm.. I have nothing going on! HA!


I suck. Whatever.

And I Lived to Tell About it

Today was my first day of work.

Holy paperwork, Batman! Orientation took a little over half the day, then I started some training on the stuff that I’ll be working on. There is still much paperwork and training in my future, but so far so good!

Now I get to go spend the next 30 minutes or so back upstairs in my closet trying on clothes, trying to string enough pieces together to make a good looking outfit. Atleast I know I have good shoes to go with whatever I find!

My First Day

Tomorrow is my first day at my new job.

I went through all of my clothes that were potentially work-appropriate and tried them on to sort of take an inventory and see what I need. Today I bought one more pair of paints and two pairs of shoes. *SHOES* So I should be set atleast for a little while. I probably need to pick up a few more things or else everyone would be seeing the same five outfits every week!

I’m kind of nervous so hopefully it won’t affect my sleep tonight! I’ve been known to wake up like 500 times a night when I’m anxious, but I think tonight I’ll be too tired! Last night was the last night Nate’s brother was here so we were up hanging out til aorund midnight and we had to get up at 6:15 to take him to the airport. I’ve taken probably 5 naps today and fallen asleep atleast 2-3 times and I still haven’t quite recovered. I probably should have skipped that first nap, but it’s too late now!