Cloth Diaper Dropout

After reading like 5000 websites about cloth diapering I decided that it sounded cute and worth a shot. Everyone said it was so easy! Apparently everyone has not tried snapping a cloth diaper on my surprisingly strong roly poly. So after that I tried one with velcro only to have the velcro unfasten while she scooted across the floor on her belly. I would have put shorts or something on her to keep the velcro hidden, but her bottom was waaaaay too big!

So call me a quitter, I’ll happily own the title. For the time being though I’ll save the cloth diapers for days I’m low on disposables and don’t feel like heading to the store!


Getting Out of the House

My mom normally takes Jack to the Little Gym on Fridays. Unfortunately she is out of town right now, so I got to take him instead. It was a carefully coreographed morning to get two kids out of the house in order to be there by 10am.

At 6am it was time to wake up! I fed Harper and played with her until 7:30 when she went down for her nap. Fortunately Jack slept til just after she went down. I got him up, changed him and we went downstairs to have breakfast. Then I put him on my bed to watch Thomas while I took a shower. After getting dressed I took Layne out and by then it was 9am and time to feed Harper again. I then got her dressed, loaded the kids into the car and put Layne up.

I think we were like 2 minutes late? Jack had a great time. I carried Harper in the bjorn and she slept the whole time.

A lot of work? Yes! But it was a really fun morning. I need to start taking them out more. It’s never as hard as I’m afraid it will be, it just takes a lot of prep time right now.

So.. Funny Story…

Texting injury by Geeky-Girl
Texting injury, a photo by Geeky-Girl on Flickr.

A few days ago I noticed an uncomfortable bump where my index finger meets my palm. It was starting to hurt if I bumped it so I made an appointment and yesterday I went to see the doctor. She said it was a cyst on my tendon and asked if I could think of any repetitive motion I was doing with that hand.. I couldn’t so she recommended I splint it for a week and if it didn’t shrink she’d refer me to a hand surgeon.

Later that afternoon as I was telling Nate what she said I got a text from Meg and as I flipped open my phone (Samsung Epic with a slideout keyboard) to text her back I realized this was the motion. The way I hold my phone totally rubs that part of my hand.

I got the phone for my birthday so I’ve only had it for about a month and apparently that’s just enough time to injure myself.

So now I’ve got my finger taped and I’m trying to adjust my phone hold.

Yay me?

Knocked Up – 12w5d

Ultrasound by Geeky-Girl
Ultrasound, a photo by Geeky-Girl on Flickr.

That’s right, in just 6 short months Jack will be a big brother! (I’m due March 5, 2012).

I kept meaning to post it after I went to my initial appointment, but I just never got around to it, and then I was closer to this appointment than I was to the previous one and figured I would just wait so I could have the ultrasound picture to go with it.

I asked if we could sneak a peek between the legs and check the sex, but we couldn’t tell. It was a fuzzy mess of legs and umbilical cord, so we’ll have to wait til my 20 week appointment, which seems very far away at the moment!

R.I.P. Kindle!

R.I.P. Kindle! by Geeky-Girl
R.I.P. Kindle!, a photo by Geeky-Girl on Flickr.

So last week we went on a family vacation to Lake Lure, NC. More on that later…

On the way to Lake Lure, while I was reading a book in the back seat next to Jack’s carseat and he decided he was done with his water. So he chucked it down yelling “kaboom water!” and it smacked into my kindle and knocked my phone (along with itself) onto the floor.

After I retrieved my phone from the floor (bye bye, water!) I looked back at my kindle and noticed the screen had cracked on the inside or something. Either way the display was hosed. It was a very sad day, especially considering it was just the start of the trip!

So since we got home I’ve been using Nate’s andriod adam tablet as my e-reader. It’s not bad so far except that I need access to wifi to download books and unlike my kindle I don’t get access everywhere so that kind of sucks. It also doesn’t fit in my purse which I think is the biggest bummer of all. I’m actually considering going back to my big purse in order to fit it, but I haven’t decided yet.

I’m also watching used kindles on ebay. I’ve had this one for about 18 months now, so I don’t really want to have to get a new one already. We’ll see how the tablet works out! Seems over kill when all I want to do is read books on it. And I guess maybe play some angry birds..

Hi, kitty!

Hi, kitty! by Geeky-Girl
Hi, kitty!, a photo by Geeky-Girl on Flickr.

Let me start by explaining that the cats spend most of their time upstairs in the “pet bedroom” (yes the pets have a room. It’s where the dog crate lives, their beds, toys, foods, etc… I don’t love leaving them up there all the time but the alternative is spending 99% of my day yelling at the dog to quit whining at the cats and quit chasing the cats and quit following the cats and OH MY GOD, DOG, WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT UP ALREADY! So the cats stay upstairs a lot).

Jack likes to go upstairs to play with the cats in their room. He’ll run to the stairs yelling “cat, cat, cat” and so up we go to play with the cats. I always thought it was SO cute and so sweet and Jack really loves his kitties, awwwww. And then I realized that he doesn’t actually care all that much about the cats. I mean sure he’s happy to see them and he pays attention to them for a minute or so (although he doesn’t actually pet them, even if they come rub up against him he just isn’t sure what to do yet (he does actually pet the dog)), but I’m starting to think the real reason he wants to go upstairs is just to play with the cats’ toys.

Like he doesn’t have enough of his own toys? (Believe me, he does). Or maybe it’s just that his own toys aren’t as cool as things like jingly balls, or yarn covered balls or catnip pouches etc…

So now no day is complete without at least one trip upstairs to play with the cats.

And their toys.

I think the cats may actually be warming up to him too. They don’t run so much any more, they follow him around some and they actually do rub up against him some when they’re really desperate for attention. I’m going to try to teach him to pet them GENTLY because I think once he gets a little older and starts really understanding how that works, that he and Colby could be really good friends. I’m sure he could buddy up with Tili some too, but I think Colby is more mellow and more likely to be the one.

This was the Second Time Someone Almost Fell Asleep While Eating

Sooo Sleepy!

Originally uploaded by Geeky-Girl

In one day!

I took Jack out in the early afternoon to run a few errands and when we got home it was either time for a nap or time for lunch. Since he didn’t seem interested in the nap I made lunch. About 10 minutes into lunch it became obvious that we should have gone with the nap because he could barely keep his eyes open! So I got him ready for his nap and 20 minutes (of playing in the crib) later, he was asleep! (Seriously. Too tired to eat lunch, too tired to hold his head up in the high chair, not too tired to squeal at his seahorse for 20 minutes).

Fast forward to dinner at 6:30, and it was like deja vu! Normally he takes a 20-30 minute nap between 4 and 5 but today he would not. Consequently, he barely made it through dinner! It was pretty funny. He wanted to keep eating (a mixture of turkey and applesauce, which sounds gross, but he preferred it to plain turkey. whatever). So he would sit there with his eyes closed and his mouth open, leaning forward like “put the spoon in my mouth already!” and then he’d doze a little, and then he’d wonder where the food was again!

By 7:20 (which is almost an hour earlier than he’s gone to bed ever) he was asleep in bed and he slept til 6:25 this morning, which is really only 10-15 minutes earlier than he normally gets up!

So I think someone is about to have his bedtime moved up (not to 7:20, but maybe to 7:45-8 instead of 8:15-8:30)!

Baby’s First Headbonk

A boo-boo

Originally uploaded by Geeky-Girl

Of course, learning to crawl was AWESOME for Jack! The freedom, the mobility! Certainly it could not get any better than that!

And then he learned how to pull himself up to standing. The best part is, sometimes he even thinks he can walk. (He can’t). So he’ll pull up on the sofa, turn away, let go, and immediately find himself back on the floor. Surprise!

So this morning I put him in bed for his morning nap (as I do most mornings). It was a tad on the early side, but someone kept yawning while I ate breakfast and was doing a really good impression of a baby desperately in need of a nap. Until he got in bed. I went on to make his bottles for tomorrow (since he’s going to be with my mom tomorrow) and then washed about 50 dishes (all bottle related) and by the time I was done Jack was very vocally not sleeping.

So I went over to his room and peeked in and there he was, standing in his crib, crying. So I went in thinking I was going to lay him back down, turn his musical seahorse back on, and remind him that he’s tired and supposed to be napping.

Unfortunately in his excitement (he obviously thought his nap was OVER) he went to get back on his hands and knees, but lost his hand grip on his way down and bonked his forehead on the crib bars.

Cue Hysterical Wailing.

So we came out to the living room, calmed down, played on the floor until once again, nothing is fun, everything sucks, wah wah wah my toys and it was definitely nap time for real this time. This time, since he was due to eat again in a half hour, I gave him a 2oz bottle snack and rocked him to sleep. Spoiled much? Hopefully this will not teach him that slamming his face into his crib is a good way to get out of nap time. (No, I don’t actually think he’ll make the connection).

But anyways, baby’s first major bonk on the head resulting in a small welt to the far right of his right eyebrow. And this just goes to show that every time you think you have baby’s nap time down, baby throws you a curve ball!

This and That (Baby Edition)

Sounds Sleeping

Originally uploaded by Geeky-Girl

So far we’re not very good at predicting when Jack will go up a size in diapers. So far he’s gone up from NB to 1, 1 to 2, and he’s now going from 2 to 3. Each time we had a TON of diapers left over in the old size. We buy in bulk, it always seems like a good idea at the time, and then suddenly poop starts leaking out the back and we consider maybe it’s time for the next size, except we probably still have over around 100 size 2 diapers left over. Oops.

I’m not a big fan of the sizing of baby clothes either. We’re moving him up to the 6-9 month clothing (I can’t believe my baby is 6 MONTHS OLD – how did that happen?!) and there was a super cute pair of 6-9 month jammies* that I was SO excited about using except when I put it on him last night it was already too small for his feet so his little toes had to scrunch up. I’m pretty bummed.

Tomorrow Jack will be 6 months old and once again we’ll celebrate by going to the doctor’s office so he can have shots. Happy half-birthday to him!

I had to remove Jack’s crib bumpers for storage. In addition to the fact that Jack is thisclose to being able to sit up from the crawling position, he also had a mild allergic reaction to his face touching some part of the top of the bumper. The first time it happened it was a small spot so I didn’t see if til we were on our third activity past him being in bed so I wasn’t sure what caused it. The second time he went in the crib with no problem, and came out of the crib with red blotchy marks on his face that took about an hour to fade. So I washed it, packed it up and it will be missed. Especially since he likes to roll over to the side of the bed and wedge his head up against it. I have a feeling his mobile will be following shortly and it makes me sad to see them go!

*I typed this up at work and planned on emailing it to myself at home so I could look it back over later and decide if it was worth posting, although since I can’t think of anything else to post about I figured it would probably make the grade. Then I decided to attach it to a flickr picture. ANYWAYS! I typed “jammies” and hit the spacebar and Word turned it into “jimmies” and I almost didn’t notice. I’m a little sad that Word knows what jimmies are but not jammies, because seriously, who says “jimmies”?! SPRINKLES! I’ve since added jammies to my dictionary.