Does Anyone Watch Dexter?

Did anyone see that last Dexter? Anyone?

Does anyone actually think Hannah poisoned Deb? I really want to know. I’m SO bummed that it happened, but if Deb poisoned herself like I think she did (I’m not afraid to admit I’ve been wrong before, but this just seems SO … it has to be, right?) then she’s ballsier and more devious than I previously gave her credit for. I’m so impressed and it kind of makes me hate her at the same time.

On the other hand I almost hope I’m wrong because I don’t want Dexter to have turned in Hannah for something she didn’t do (as opposed to the things she did do that he didn’t mind she did).

So for the first time since I started watching Homeland last year, I’m actually just as excited about the next (and last) episode of Dexter as I am about the Homeland finale! Frankly, I’m shocked.

Welcome Back, TV!

Over the summer we did something radical at my house. We turned off our cable. I have to say, this may not be the first time in my life I’ve lived without cable, but if it isn’t, I have blocked it out so thoroughly that I really don’t remember ever not having cable before. Instead, we bought a roku and an antenna and went cable (actually, satellite) free for three whole months.

Surprisingly, it did not suck. We never really watched a lot of shows regularly over the summer so it seemed like a good idea. The only thing I really had to watch was the Closer, and thank god it’s available online. Otherwise we watched a few shows and movie from Netflix* and caught our daily news off the antenna and it all worked out pretty well.

Of course, as soon as the first college football game aired we called and reinstated our service.

So that brings me to the news shows out this year and how I actually was interested in watching several of them! First we watched Up All Night. Or tried to. I loved the commercials for this show, but I thought the show itself was kind of awkward and uncomfortable and we didn’t make it through the whole thing. Next I watched about five minutes of Free Agents and decided it was probably not going to happen either. Now, it wasn’t all bad. I watched Prime Suspect and thought it had potential, and I didn’t love Whitney, but I didn’t hate it either so it gets another shot.

I also watched both Hart of Dixie and Secret Circle off the CW. Which I almost called the WB which probably just means I’m too old to watch shows on that channel, but whatever. In the beginning of Hart of Dixie I decided it was probably not going to work for me, but by the end I decided to give it another shot. I mean I know she’s the New York girl moving to Alabama and blah blah stereotypical fish out of water awkwardness mixed with snotty attitudes, but it sort of grew on me. So we’ll see! And that leaves the Secret Circle which I totally never intended to watch except they replayed it on a Friday night when I was bored and nothing else was on and I watched it and didn’t hate it and now I’m stuck with it.

That, of course, is just the new shows I’ve seen so far. It does not include the shows that I’ve carried over from last year plus I think there are a couple of additional new ones coming out in October that I’ll have to wait and see about. Part of me hopes that some of them suck so I can ditch them, but part of me also hopes that they don’t suck so that when the baby is born in March I’ll have a backlog of shows on the DVR to catch up with during those middle of the night feedings.

* We have since scrapped Netflix DVDs because who has time to watch movies when there’s so much TV/football on! Also we got HuluPlus for a while but I found the selection of shows to be pretty disappointing so we didn’t keep it long.

The Importance of Order

Since I am lucky enough to stay home two days a week I try to make good use of my time and get things done around the house when I can. Things like laundry, some cleaning, and occasional straightening (although probably not enough straightening if you ask my husband, but that’s beside the point).

Normally I follow pretty much the same routine. Jack goes down for his nap, check my work email, straighten up any dishes from recent meals, clean the bathroom, take a shower, and put the towels in the wash. Yesterday I was feeling kind of lazy and didn’t really want to clean the bathroom yet so I skipped that step and just showered and put the towels in the wash and then surfed the internet for a little bit.

So blah blah blah, day goes on, put the towels in the drier, start a load of clothes, play with the baby, blah blah blah, time for his next nap and I figure now I’ll clean the bathroom because I can’t bear to just skip cleaning it for the week. No way.

And then when I got to the bathroom I noticed that instead of putting my towel in the laundry basket after I used it I hung it up. Even though there were no other towels to hang up, I hung it up. So it didn’t make it into the laundry. Also not making it into the laundry was the towel that sits on the floor under the dog bowl (because otherwise someone (Gouda) gets water EVERYWHERE when he drinks and I didn’t want the grout to get moldy again like it was before we started putting the towel down).


And stuff like that makes me just CRAZY because if I had just done it in the order it was supposed to be done in, I wouldn’t have to wash the towels again next week too! (We have two sets. I change them weekly and wash them when both sets are dirty. In case you were thinking it was gross to only wash your towels every other week. If you weren’t, then you can ignore this part.)

(and now for something completely different)

You know what else makes me crazy?

The fact that our DVR got stupid last night and at 8:50 when I realized nothing was taping I looked at the DVR schedule and everything was listed as “No Information Available” even though the guide showed everything just fine. So THANKS A LOT Dish Network. Now I have to watch the Vampire Diaries (don’t judge me!) online which sucks because I think the CW has more commercials on their online shows than they do when they air on TV and on the internet you can’t skip them which is just LAME. (As it turns out, after speaking with Dish, they say out DVR is broken and are sending us a new box so we now have to watch as much as we can of what we’re behind on (which thank goodness we’d started doing over Thanksgiving) and then I have to set up the timers alllllll over again with the new box. That’s my favorite part.)

And while I noticed the problem in time to tape Grey’s Anatomy I was really not all that relieved so I’ve decided to remove Grey’s Anatomy from my DVR schedule. I’m always sad to stop watching a show while it’s still on the air but I really just can’t make myself care any more and I think it’s time to move on! This probably means that all of the other shows I love (like Chuck and Parenthood) will probably be canceled to spite me and leave a big gaping hole on my weekly TV viewing schedule.

Stupid Reruns!

So after waffling for an hour or so I decided I’m definitely staying up to watch True Blood tonight.

Only it’s a freaking rerun. I didn’t know summer shows did reruns like that! I thought they went all the way through without  stopping, but noooooo.

Whatever, now I’ve all psyched myself up for a new show and I have my second wind I hope there’s something else on to keep me occupied! I’m not ready to go to bed just yet!

Beach Countdown – 4 Days (TV Edition)

It looks like things are pretty much settled for shows coming back and not coming back next season.

Since I watch a lot of TV I have a lot of opinions about a lot of shows.

Like Scrubs. It was supposed to be in its final season and now it’s been picked up. I watched the season finale and think it was a fine ending so I give up. No more Scrubs!

Castle. Oh Castle. I was pretty sure it wasn’t coming back because while it’s cute it’s just not…I don’t even know what. I’m really not feeling it. So goodbye, Castle.

Better Off Ted is coming back! I totally did not expect that but it makes me happy because I think the show is really cute and clever.

Umm, NBC might be having trouble finding a slot for Medium? Really? Stupid Jay Leno. If they can’t find a home for it, it may go to CBS which would be extra weird, but whatever. Apparently networks are not afraid to pick up leftovers any more, and I don’t really blame them. I think Medium is a great show and I would be sad to see it go.

I think those are the only shows I watch that really were even kind of hanging in the balance. Now that finales are over and summer TV is starting (True Blood and the Closer!) I also have my cancelled shows to look forward to since ABC is going to air the remaining unaired episodes of Pushing Daisies and Dirty Sexy Money, so that’s also something to look forward to! That and 3 months of HBO, so HBO had better not let me down!

My TV Addiction

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s totally worth mentioning it again. This year was a bad year for TV shows I watch. So far Pushing Daisies, Life on Mars, Dirty Sexy Money and Prison Break have been cancelled (although honestly we gave up Prison Break this season anyways, we can only take so much). It also looks like the Middleman on ABC Family isn’t coming back and that makes me extra sad.

We also gave up on My Name is Earl and I’ve almost given up on Bones like 5 times this year, because I keep letting them stack up on my DVR and think I’ll never catch up and maybe I don’t even care, and then I watch one and it’s such a cute show I keep it around.

Then of course Chuck has me nervous because it hasn’t picked up yet and freaking Jay Leno is getting 5 hours of TV a week that used to be occupied by actual scripted TV shows so NBC is losing 5 slots a week and Chuck has not been renewed yet and I will be SO disappointed if it doesn’t make it.

ANYWAYS! In the mean time I’ve picked up two additional shows trying them out to see if they can fill the void. I’ve watched Castle  and Southland. Southland I really enjoyed and I hope it will stick around. Castle I kind of keep hoping gets cancelled because I like Nathan Fillion and he’s funny in the show. I mean, I enjoy the show, it’s really just not that great of a show. I read today it is probably not going to make it and I’m actually kind of relieved.

Also, I’ve been considering watching Better Off Ted because it looks hilarious, but TV By the Numbers isn’t holding out much hope for it coming back either (and so far they’ve been dead on with their predictions) so I kind of don’t want to see it because I don’t need to get attached to another great show only to have it disappear after one (or one half) season.

So aside from the fact that all of this means I watch entirely too much TV, do you guys have any new shows you’re watching that are actually good so far and likely to be renewed?


This is the funniest video EVER. Seriously people. EVER. There’s a lot of swearing involved so may I recommend some ear plugs or closing of doors or something like that if necessary? I think it perfectly describes how I feel about some things. Like trying to get the built in garage door opener in my car to work.

Last night on my way home I saw a bumper sticker that says “WTFWJD” and while it took me a second to get it, I definitely laughed out loud.

I want to order everything thinkgeek makes. Everything.

Star Wars A Capella

I stayed up until 11 to watch Life on Mars last night while Nate watched the UNC/Duke game. Normally I would be at least mildly disappointed that Carolina won, but I’m so excited that NC State beat Wake Forest that I just can’t quite make myself care enough to hate UNC right now. Maybe later. 😉

That also means that I got around 6 hours of sleep last night which is FAR LESS than the 9 hours I require to function like a normal person. Also less than the 7-8 hours I usually get on a work night.

That also means I’m seriously about to wash my face and brush my teeth so that I can hopefully make it into bed around 9pm. I am completely OK with that.

Happy New Year!

Like 4 days ago, but whatever.

Apparently I haven’t posted yet this year, but it wasn’t intentional. I was just really busy….

Being insulted by my Wii, getting caught up with Californication, whining about having to go back to working a normal work week. You know, super important stuff like that.

So has everyone made New Years resolutions? I don’t normally really make real resolutions because I don’t like being disappointed when I give up on them so this year I’m sticking with the easy stuff.

I resolve to buy more cute shoes.

I resolve to actually start wearing some of the ridiculously cute skirts that I can’t resist buying even though all they do is sit in my closet and wonder why I don’t love them.

I resolve to learn all of the words to all of the songs in Mama Mia.

I resolve to read the rest of Charlaine Harris‘ books this year because I don’t know how else to pass the time until the next Sookie Stackhouse and Harper Connelly books come out!

I know, I know! I’m aiming high this year.

I’m sure there’s more but that’s pretty much all I can think of for right now.

Vampires Are the New Black

Or something like that.

I went to see Twilight today with a girlfriend of mine. I really liked it! Best movie ever? Of course not, but it was good. And the book was better but that’s sort of to be expected. I would totally go see it again and I will definitely buy the DVD.

Tonight I’m watching the season finale of True Blood. I was going to watch 24 Redemption (aka: Jack Bauer Saves Children) instead, but I’m kind of dying to know who the killer is! I subscribed to HBO on Wed. to start watching the show and I caught up quickly. So good! I can’t decide whether I’m going to read the books or not though. I started watching Dexter and then I read the books and while I thought the first book was great, the second book was good I was not really thrilled with the direction of the third book and I’m a little afraid to give something in the show away by reading the book, but I’m also afraid that I won’t like the direction of the book and it’ll be Dexter all over again (which by the way is still an awesome show).

I Love Television

You know, in case I hadn’t mentioned that before. Love.

So tonight I subscribed to HBO so I could watch True Blood. I had planned to try to read the books first, but they’re checked out of all of the libraries in my area so… I’ll get to them eventually.

I figured now would be a good time to add a new show considering three of my favorites are on the brink.

Pushing Daisies, Life on Mars and Dirty Sexy Money.

I mean isn’t that kind of a lot of shows to be getting rid of in one season?

Kind of boggles the mind some of the shows they keep.

Does that make me a TV snob?