I Need a Weekend to Recover from my Weekend!

I took a half day off work on Friday and Nate and I along with a couple of friends drove down to Myrtle Beach for the weekend. Fortunately aside from a little traffic on our way into town the trip was not at all impacted by the wildfires.

My sleep on this trip, however, was severely impacted by several things.

Let me just give you a little background about where we were staying for this trip. Our friend’s grandparents own a condo a couple of blocks from the beach. They’re very nice and if the condo isn’t booked on the weekend we want to go they let us stay there. Unfortunately they recently found out that their rental agent is a TOTAL douche and was renting the condo out to prostitutes. You just cannot make this shit up. So they hired a cleaning service (because those hookers were not very good housekeepers) and then her parents went there to check the place out. They were still there when we got there and it all looked more or less OK so they left and we went to unpack our stuff. (Our stuff could really be another post altogether, because we went for Saturday and Sunday night and we filled the back of the pilot. Filled. Completely. For four people and one weekend.)

The bedroom that Nate and I were sleeping in has twin beds that we were going to push together. So off we went to push them together and let me just say.. that cleaning crew did NOT do a very thorough job. Without going into too much detail we may or may not have found vomit on the wall, the carpet, and the bedskirt along with some drug paraphernalia. We made sure our friend knew so she could tell her parents so they could call the cleaning crew back because holy COW. Then we wiped down every surface with Clorox wipes and I wiped down the wall and the headboard of the other twin bed and told Nate we would share because NO WAY was anyone sleeping in the throw up bed. Holy freaking cow.

We debated driving to my friends’ parents’ house that night because they only live about an hour away but we decided to tough it out for one night since the condo is walking distance from the beach and we wanted to go to the beach in the morning. We decided were definitely driving there for Saturday night though.

So anyways, I don’t know if you’ve ever slept with 2 people on a twin bed or not, but I don’t recommend it. Especially if one of those two people split a fifth of bourbon with another guy earlier that night and was pretty much passed out and immovable for half the night. His only response to my trying to make him move was to pat me on the leg. I got up to use the bathroom once and when I came back he was in the middle of the bed. Fortunately by this time he was moderately wake-able and I was able to convince him to move his ass over. Needless to say, I did not sleep a lot that night.

Saturday night was MUCH better. Her parents live in a small town on a big lot and run a B&B out of their house. It was nice, quiet, peaceful and we didn’t have to sleep on a twin bed. Except that I woke up twice to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. I really need to work on limiting my liquid intake so close to bedtime!


While we were visiting in KY, we went to the Bourbon Festival in Bardstown. The weather overall was pretty nice, but I had only brought blue jeans and the morning of our trip to the festival we decided to go shopping. While we were shopping I decided that it was WAY too hot outside to walk around in jeans all day (the stores were outside, not in a regular mall) so I bought a dress at Old Navy. The only dress they had in my size (they had no shorts in my size). Ordinarily I would not have picked out a hot pink dress, but given my lack of options I figured it would be OK. Plus it would make it easier for everyone to keep track of me at the festival should I wander off for any reason.

So anyways.

The festival was really fun. Last time we came to it we didn’t do anything around town. We parked next to the area the festival was in and we just walked around the tents. This year we spent a little time in Bardstown itself walking around and even did a historic horse drawn trolley tour. It was kind of fun and I wish we’d had more time to spend wandering around the town. Maybe next time!

There was plenty of cute stuff at the festival itself. Like the barrel turkeys outside of the Wild Turkey tent that we all had to climb into. Jennifer and I wandered past them early in the trip after the guys ditched us because we wanted to go into the pretty church and they wanted to go straight to the bourbon tasting area. as luck would have it the church closed 5 minutes before we got there, but the guys must have been running to the bourbon because by the time we got to the tent area we had lost them. So we wandered around and took some pictures, and I tried to get onto the turkey. It took me two tries, because the first time I seriously underestimated the amount of effort I would have to exert to get up onto the turkey sideways without putting a foot in the stirrup. Fortunately I managed.

All in all it was a pretty good trip! Hopefully we’ll go again sometime so I can spend more time wandering around the town and doing actually historic type stuff like seeing My Old Kentucky Home, and some of the churches, and really any one of the other 10 things to do in the town that we didn’t actually do while we were there.

I’m Exhausted!

The trip went pretty well. I don’t remember what I said about it, but here’s a kind of summary of the trip:

Saturday: Alarm went off at 5:30am. Alarm was reset for 6. Got up, cleaned up, packed the truck and left. Left for Kentucky around 7:20ish? Arrived in Louisville around 3:30 I think. Only stopped a couple of times. Once in WVA, do not recommend*.

Sunday: Spent whole day in KY.

Monday: Got up at 7, headed to Ohio by 9:15, arrived at my grandma’s around 12:45 to have lunch and hang out. Then we went to my uncle’s house to pick up a bed, to my aunt’s house to drop stuff off, to a VW dealership to pick up a cedar chest for a friend of Nate’s, then back to my aunt’s house, and then to Plank’s for the best pizza ever. And also, holy crap, Planks on St. Patrick’s day was just awesome.

Tuesday: Up at 6, out the door by 6:45, home by 3. Again we stopped only a couple of times. Unfortunately one stop was in WVA again (different exit) but I still do not recommend it*. We also stopped in Durham on the way to drop off the Cedar chest, so all in all the drive back was not bad.

I am so freaking exhausted though. Fortunately we have a “Spring Holiday” on Friday so we’re off work, because I think two days is about all I’ll be good for this week before my brain completely gives up! I need a vacation to recover from my vacation!

We picked the dogs up from Pupsi yesterday afternoon and they were wiped out too. Gouda actually laid down in the car for the ride home, which never NEVER happens.

*I’m sure West Virginia is a perfectly fine place to live and not all areas suck as much as the ones we stopped in, along the Turnpike, but the gas was $0.25 more than other areas we drove through and the bathrooms at both stops were gross. The first one had no hot water. Not that the water didn’t heat up, but when you turned the knob for the hot water, nothing happened. The second one which was a gas station/subway had no soap in the ladies room. But employees must wash hands before returning to work. GROSS.

And also – there were a lot of cows in Virginia. Cows everywhere. I like cows.

Speaking of Allergies

I’m getting another cold. Or it’s allergies. Maybe. Because how else could I go from a cold to bronchitis to another cold in the span of 2 months? I’ve never been sick like that before. I’m usually a one-two sinus infections a year type of person but this year is just killing me.

Tuesday was my lucky day though. I mean asside from the part where my dog has pink eye and I slept like crap Monday night because I decided to tempt fate and take a Sudafed before bed (BAD IDEA. I woke up at 2:45am and was so restless I’m surprised Nate didn’t wake up and push me off the bed).

Tuesday I finally made it to that facial my parents got me for my birthday, and it was awesome. They did some aroma therapy thing and the scent I picked was eucalyptus and MAN did that clear up my sinuses. I mean when it was over I could breathe, I didn’t feel congested at all. It only lasted for like an hour afterwards before the congestion started creeping back in, but hey, it’s better than nothing!

In the mean time I’ve been prescribed Nasonex so now I’m back on that in addition to the inhaler and the singular. If I didn’t know any better I’d say I was allergic to work, but that’s just crazy talk, right? I mean sure I first started getting sick within the first month that I worked there and I’ve never had allergies before but that’s just a coincidence, right? And it’s probably just caused by all this extra dry and strange weather we’ve had this year that means that some allergen didn’t get washed away like it normally would have and now it’s torturing me.

Or something like that.

Anyways, I miss breathing through my nose. I have fond, distant memories of how nice and convenient it was, and someday I hope to feel that way again. So far today (since 6am-ish) I’ve used Nasonex twice, take 2 extra strength Mucinex, Sudafed sinus relief (alhtough not the pseudoephedrine kind because I don’t want to be up all night. Again.) and my head is still ridiculously stuffy.

I know it’s maybe not normal but at this point I hope I develop some god awful sinus pressure so I can go back to the clinic and get some antibiotics and get this taken care of instead of living in allergy limbo.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll be less whiny, but I wouldn’t hold my breath!

Dramamine Delirium

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but I get motion sick on planes. The takeoff is usually ok, and most of the flight is usually ok, it’s just something about the landing that really gets me.

So anyways that means I normally take a (less drowsy) Dramamine about an hour before my flight and it helps a lot. It also normally makes me pretty drowsy. This time I swear it quit half way through the flight. It started off fine; I was all sleepy, sort of in that in between phase when you can feel yourself nodding off and your head starts bobbing and your mouth is wide open and you’re not entirely sure you’re not drooling but you’re too tired to care. Then all of a sudden I was wide awake. They said something about preparing for the final descent and there I was, wide awake thinking “Awesome! Now I won’t be groggy the rest of the night!”

Only really it was not awesome because as we approached the final descent things got a little bumpy. Turbulence normally does not bother me. It’s annoying when I’m trying to read, but I’m not one of those people thinking “OH MY GOD THE PLANE IS GOING TO CRASH,” mostly. This time though I started feeling a little queasy. And also very hot. So I took off my sweater (I had a tank top on under it) because I was sweating and the hotter I was the worse I felt. I also tried to close my eyes like that was going to help me go back to sleep because honestly, normally by this part of the trip I’m still pretty much half asleep in lala land and completely oblivious to the landing. This time I had the little air vent above me on, I had passed my sweater and my jacket off to Nate to hold because I was too hot to even have them on my lap and I was wondering how much trouble I’d get into for unbuckling to make a run for the bathroom instead of using one of those little airplane barf bags because that did NOT sound fun.

Finally we actually landed. It seemed like the longest landing ever. When we got off the plane my head was killing me and I was still a little nauseous, but atleast I was off the plane so there wasn’t anything that was actively making it worse. I immediately bought a sprite and a pack of regular drowsy Dramamine for the flight home.

By the time we went to dinner afterwards I was back to normal and then we went back to Nate’s brother’s house and I helped my sister-in-law make the casseroles for Thanksgiving dinner. That way all we had to do was put them in the oven Thursday morning. Somehow I made a broccoli casserole and a sweet potato pie (while she made the green bean casserole and a derby pie), but I could swear somehow the Dramamine was back on. I felt like I was practically delirious while making the casseroles, like I was on auto pilot. I don’t remember much about putting them together, I don’t remember a thing we talked about, everything after dinner that night is pretty foggy!

Home Again

So we’re home again. Got home yesterday afternoon. It’s always sad when vacations are over!

Friday turned out to be such a nice day! It started off raining but cleared up into a great sunny day. We spent a ton of time outside watching Mareyna play in the sand, and chasing crabs. I couldn’t believe how many little crabs there were out there! They were everywhere.

The only real bummer of the trip was the lack of wild horses. On Friday afternoon we drove over to try and see them, but there were none to be seen! I’m not sure how far down the beach we drove, but it was for a while and we never so much as spotted a horse on the horizon. (We did, however, spot some horse poop so we know they had to be there somewhere).

This afternoon we’ll pick up the dogs. I miss my puppies but I know they’re having fun in day camp. Hopefully they’ll also come home a little better behaved. We signed them up for a little training while they were there so hopefully they’ll be able to heel (and in Layne’s case heel/no bark) and also not jump on people when we pick them up. They’ll just need to train us a little bit when we get there to make sure that we’re handling them correctly when we get home.

Where Did the Sun Go?

So Outer Banks Part II is not as bright and sunny as Outer Banks Part I was. It’s actually even rained several times. Fortunately we’re all pretty easily entertained.

Tomorrow is supposed to be really nice out. Hopefully we’ll be able to fit in a trip to see the horses again too, because it would really be sad if we had to miss them.

Oh, and today Jennifer found a crab in the pool. A live crab. A seriously pissed off live crab that tried to hop off the net that Jennifer was using to fish him out. If only we’d had a camera.

Fun in the Sun

My family is vacationing at the Outer Banks this week. While I did bring my laptop with me, I didn’t actually log in to it until I got home. We had to come home this morning so Nate can go to class and I can work for a couple days since I don’t have enough vacation time to be gone the whole week.

So on Saturday Jen and I went down to the ocean with my dad to hang out while he fished. We sat in lawn chairs switching between huddling under the towels when the sun was behind the clouds, to sitting out trying to get a little sun.

The key word up there being “a little” you know, since I didn’t actually put on any sunscreen or anything. Because we weren’t going to be out there that long. And really we weren’t…

So my face is sunburned, and so is the top of my chest above where my tank top neckline. I forgot that the minocin I just started taking would make me extra sensitive to the sun. Whoops. Good time I have a few days off in between to recover! And to dig out my sun hat.

OMG I Actually Went to the Movies!

So finally I’ve seen some newish movies. Nate and I just picked a couple up at Best Buy and saw a couple in the theatre in Ohio.

Jackass 2
Funny. Gross. Funny. REALLY gross. Holy freakin cow funny. I won’t lie to you, I had to avert my eyes on several occasions and even plug my ears a few times, but I laughed so hard. I mean who comes up with that crap?! It’s unreal! I’ve seen it twice already. That crap just doesn’t get old! (OK, that’s not true. I’m sure it will get old after my husband and his friends watch the same group of clips 500 times. Until then, it’s awesome!)

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
Also pretty funny. Maybe not quite as funny as I had hoped it would be, but I enjoyed it and would watch it again.

Casina Royale
Ok, I’ll admit it. I was not thrilled about the new bond. People kept calling him the “Blonde Bond” and I kept thinking “Bond is not blonde, can’t they afford some freakin hair color?!” but I’m guessing the answer is “no” because that would have cut into the budget for the REALLY COOL action sequences and… uh.. other stuff. Really, I loved it. I was skeptical. I wans’t sure I was going to see it in the theatre at all or just wait for video because with all the changes they talked about it just wouldn’t be Bond.. but it was and it was great. Totally going to buy it.

We Are Marshall
Matthew McConaughey is weird. I think he’s weird in the magazines and he’s weird in the movie and really he needs to try to get back in touch with reality and shower once in a while. That being said, his weirdness didn’t hurt the movie for me, I still really liked it.

So yeah.. next up on the list is Ice Age 2: The Meldown which I’m really excited about because I loved the first one. I think it’s my favorite animated movie ever. EVER. As long as I don’t stop and think too hard..

And can I also say how much I’m really looking forward to the new season of 24?! Because America does not negotiate with terrorists.. and neither does Jack Bauer! SWEET!


Erin is out of the office state.

We’re heading to OH to visit some family. My family has dialup so I might not even try to get on the internet.

 I know, right.. no internet?! WHAT?! But I think I can handle it.


Hope everyone is having a good week!