Public Restrooms

On Sunday Nate and I went to see Angels and Demons. (Holy cow it was long, but I enjoyed it and didn’t notice it dragging or anything, I was just shocked to see what time it was when I was leaving the theater). So of course I had to pee as soon as the movie was over and really that trip to the restroom just really reminded me how much I hate using public restrooms. Hate. People are so freaking inconsiderate it just blows my mind.

For instance:

  1. If you put toilet paper (or one of those paper butt protector things) on the toilet seat (good for you, I totally do it too) make sure when you flush that it goes down the drain with everything else. Seriously. You didn’t want to touch a spot that someone else’s butt was, and no one else wants to touch the spot where your butt was, it cannot take that much time to double check something like that.
  2. Sinks are not toys. How people get SO MUCH WATER outside of the sink is beyond me. I was washing my hands and felt water start dripping on my toes because there was so much water on the counter it had finally reached the edge and was now starting to rush over.
  3. Automatic sinks or those sinks where you push the hot/cold buttons and the water runs for about 2 seconds. I think that one is pretty much self explanatory.
  4. Automatic hand dryer. I walked past it and it turned on, but I just know that had I actually tried to dry my hands under it, it would have turned right back off.
  5. Paper towel holders that are SO FULL you wind up tearing 3 paper towels to shreds before you can pull out one to actually use.  

Seriously this stuff seems like it should really just be common sense, but somehow it’s not and I just can’t quite get over it.


So I’m sitting here watching the local news on WRAL and they just had a story about a 16 year old girl in Brunswick County who just married her (former) 40 year old track coach.

What the fuck?

Then they had the girl’s mother on telling about how she began to have a “special relationship” or something like that with this track coach pretty much as soon as she met him as a freshman in highschool at age 14. She went on to say how she tried everything she could think of, police, family, friends to keep them apart but none of it worked.

Now, having recently been married I remember seeing on the marriage license the part where if you’re under 18 you need your parents to sign off saying you can get married.

I don’t have kids. I don’t know what it’s like to be a parent and I certainly don’t claim to know everything, but I have to say I wanted to tell that mother to STFU about how awful this is and how she tried to prevent it when she next admitted to signing the marriage license because you reach a point where there’s nothing else you can do. Umm… Nothing you can do except maybe NOT SIGN THE MARRIAGE LICENSE?

I mean seriously! Don’t sit there complaining that you did everything you could to stop them when you’re the one that gave them permission to get married and they legally couldn’t have done it without your permission. It’s just not right.


The Crawlspace

So here is a picture of the door to my crawl space which is currently used to store nothing because of how ridiculously unsecure it is. I mean I live in a nice neighborhood and I don’t see people going through the trouble of breakin in to steal anything, but I would rather it be locked all the same.

Here is the crawl space door. See if you can’t find the 3 things that are wrong with it.


1. It’s upside down. Check out the siding, it’s going the wrong way!
2. Shouldn’t those hinges be on the inside? You know, so you can’t just unscrew them and take the door off?
3. Similar to number 2, the lock part was put on wrong.. The screws on that part shouldn’t be visible either.

I suppose given the rest of the house we shouldn’t be surprised.. but really. To get EVERYTHING about puting the door on wrong? That’s just sad. And that’s also not including the half inch gap between the top of the door frame an the door itself.

Deja Vu

I called the police to pick up the neighbor’s dog. Again.

Yes, I thought they moved out too. According to Nate, who was home today taking comp time, he saw them back at the house today moving some more stuff out. Later on he saw their little black and brown dog running around. No one was home and the tether out back was too tangled to clip her out to it, so he just kept an eye on her for a while in case maybe they came back.

When I got home from work they were still not back and the dog was still running around, so I called the police to come pick her up. She is such a sweet dog! I just can’t stand that her people are so irresponsible. I also wondered what happened to the other dog, the bull terrier. I started to wonder even if they kept the pure bred and ditched the poor mutt, but alas, that was not the case. When the officer showed up to pick the dog up she told me she had already picked the bull terrier up this morning. Someone else had called and reported them but when she came around the first time she could only find the little boy. So atleast they’ll get to be together now!

In happier dog news my mom came with me tonight to take the dogs for a walk around the greenway. It was really a nice walk. Good weather, nice area, and no one else was out there I guess maybe everyone was having dinner, but it was nice. There was also a nice pond back there and I thought Gouda was going to explode he wanted to get in it soooooo badly! Maybe another time when I’m prepared to come home and clean him off, but tonight was not that night.

Don’t You Just Love It

….When you wake up in the middle of the night and you realize it’s Saturday and MAN does that feel good because that means you get to sleep in. I love that feeling. What I don’t love is when you have that feeling only to have the alarm go off and realize that it is not actually Saturday. It’s Friday. Yeah, don’t love that.

 You know what else I don’t so much love? Those stupid signs telling you there is a “New Traffic Pattern” near my house. Here’s house it works… “New Traffic Pattern Ahead”…. 50 feet….”New Traffic Pattern Ahead”….50 more feet….cones in left lane….”Merge Right”. Seriously. Like they couldn’t put the “Merge Right” sign first? Instead you get to drive for 100 feet or so wondering which lane to get into only to see cones in front of you and THEN see the sign attached to the cones that says which way to go. Idiots.

So the good news is.. this time if I wake up in the middle of the night it really will be Saturday and I can go back to sleep happy!

Erin vs UPS (Again)

That’s right. My favorite shipping company is once again, the bane of my existence.

On Wednesday I ordered a laptop through a sale my company was having. Getting that ordered was a story in itself, but definitely too boring to get into right now. Unlike my UPS story. So different.

Anyways, I believe I’ve mentioned my dislike of UPS before, but it keeps getting better.

Today, they tried to deliver my laptop. While I was at work. Of course, it requires a signature, in person. So I was thinking “will-call disaster” all over again but what could I do? So I called, and asked that the package be put on will-call. She asked when I wanted to pick it up and I said Saturday. She said they’re not open Saturday, which was news to me since when I had to pick up a package from them back in December I had to go in on a Saturday. But whatever. After that she informed me that actually, my package could not be put on will call at all.

Umm.. why not?

So she checked.

Apparently the shipper designated that the package could not be put on will call, could not have the destination address changed, or any of the other semi-helpful things that UPS actually allows. So I have to be home to sign for it.

So tomorrow I’m going to work from home until the laptop is delivered. Believe it or not I’m actually pretty bummed about that because an application that I developed launched today and I would like to be around to answer questions or fix things, should anything come up since (don’t get me started) I’m still waiting to be able to access it remotely.

So once again, a package is shipped to me via UPS, and I have problems actually collecting said package.

Anyways, I’m done complaining. For now.

Home Owners Association

Gravy Dave brought up a good point in his comment about my car being parked in the yard. The answer is yes, we do have a home owners association. That being said I am 100% not worried about even receiving a warning about the car much less being fined or have any action taken against me. That is because our home owners association seems to be made up of a group of ridiculously apathetic people. When we moved in we received a big fat envelope full of rules and ordinances from the home owners association outlining what we could do, could not do, and required permission to do.

Since then we have cut down 4 trees in our front yard (major landscaping without permission is a no-no) and never received a notice. Our neighbors literally park their car in their yard on a daily basis. Without fail. Our neighbors on the otherside leave their trashcan at the street for 2-3 days past trash day and several papers at a time in their yard (also a no-no). Their neighbors (confiscated dog people, who btw, I haven’t seen/heard their dogs since), have a stroller on their driveway along with one of those child size barbie jeep things, their recycle bin, a hose, their town trashcan (which I have no problem with in itself, if not for the 500 other items) along with another random trashcan that I have never seen standing upright, not to mention the constant newspapers you see in front of their house and the loose papers that float around their yard. Then there are the people that stack chopped wood on the curb next to their yard on the side of their houes and leave it.For months. Until they started rolling around in the street.

Really I could go on about little things that are stupid and inconsequential and big things that are eyesores and I believe genuinely take away from the attractiveness of the neighborhood, but I have NEVER seen or heard of anyone getting any sort of notice from the homeowners association and frankly, that annoys the crap out of me. I mean what are we paying them for?! Sure I bet several of their rules are pretty silly and I don’t want to have to get permission to remove trees from my yard, but I also think a lot of them really help keep the value and curb appeal of the houses up. (House nextdoor to shit-hole I described above has been for sale for months and dropped their price twice. I can’t help but think the street appeal of the nextdoor neighbors aren’t helping. Who wants to live next to pigs)?

So yeah.. I know. I need to quit whining and put my money where my mouth is, suck it up and attend a meeting already. I think I’ve finally figured out their schedule and their website is finally back up (I swear it was down like a month before we moved in until this month). And then I’ll be “That Neighbor”.. you know, the one with the stick up their butt that secretly all the neighbors hate because they ruined all the fun of not having actual rules to follow, but I really don’t care. We moved into that neighborhood because it looked like a nice place to live and I want to make sure it stays that way!


Yeah, so yesterday was a pretty normal day.

I went to work, came home, had my neighbor’s dogs confiscated by animal control… the usual!


Long Version:

My mom came by my house around 11:30 to pick up a movie and noticed a little dog running around with no collar, so she called me to ask if I recognized it and I did. It lived two doors down from me, although over the weekend it was staying with the people directly next to me. I told her if its people weren’t home she could probably just put it in the next door neighbor’s yard so it wouldn’t get hit by a car or anything. When she got closer to their gate she saw the other little dog that lives with this one, clipped to a lead in the owner’s back yard. This dog had just pulled free of her collar and gotten loose. So she clipped the dog back up and called me back to complain about the conditions under which the dogs were kept.

So when I got home from work around four I went over to knock on their door to atleast let them know that their dog had gotten loose so maybe leaving it out back tied to a post while no one was home wasn’t their best idea ever. Only they still weren’t home. I then tried the next door neighbors and they weren’t home either.

So I went around back to look at the dogs and make sure sneaky dog was still on the lead. And she was. And it seriously made me ill. Sneaky dog and other dog were out on those metal wire things that did NOT have the soft plastic coating around it, and other dog didn’t have a collar. Instead he had the metal wire lead thing clipped to itself around his neck. It was also so tangled (and I mean like 30 foot of lead in a knot) they each only had between 2-4 feet of space to walk around. And no food, and no water, and no shade, and did I mention the METAL WIRE around other dog’s neck, and did I mention the part where the top of his little nose was red and raw? No? Pit.i.ful.

So this really got me all worked up. I mean I was livid. I went home and called animal control and explained the situation to them. I watch Animal Cops on the animal planet. People like this get tickets and get checked on and hopefully pay fines. So while on the phone with them I asked if I could water the dogs and they told me to wait until after the people came out. So I did, only when I went back after they left there was a notice on the door (which I didn’t read because I’m nosy, but not that nosy) and there were no more dogs. And I have no idea what time the people wound up getting home that night but the notice is gone and I haven’t seen the dogs, so we’ll see what happens.

I hated having to do that, but the conditions those dogs were in seriously pissed me off. Get a fence, get crates, get something but don’t leave your dogs tied out in the sun with no water on 3 foot metal wires all day long! UGH!

Now I’m just waiting to see how long before the neighborhood gossip mentions it, and hope that they don’t find out it was me and egg my house! 🙂 Because I’m just extra paranoid like that!

Welcome to January

Umm yeah.. have I mentioned our RETARDED WEATHER lately?


Because it’s seriously starting to piss me off.

I mean yeah nice weather is nice, but when am I going to get to wear the incredibly stylish very WARM sweater my sister gave me for Christmas, or any of the other sweaters that I got me for Christmas, for that matter. I have boots and sweaters and scarves to wear… COME ON! Bring back the cold. Or maybe not the freezing, but how about a little chilly? Can we please stop having spring in the winter just for a couple days?

I Hate UPS.

Ok, so let me just preface this by saying that in college, I had a bad experience with UPS. It involved my BellSouth DSL modem being sent back after them telling me that they were putting it on will call and me having to order a second modem from BellSouth.

I ordered my sister a Christmas present that was shipped via UPS and requires an in-person signature. Being that I work during the day I knew I wouldn’t be here next time I called and had it put on “will call”. This time I wanted to be safe and I thought I outsmarted UPS. At 3:45 before I left work early to drive from RTP to Atlantic Ave I called UPS to make sure the package would actually be there. I called, they said it was there so I headed out.

The package WAS.NOT.THERE. They forgot to take it off the truck so it had gone out for delivery again today. I was dumbfounded. The woman telling me probably thought I was going to flip out and start screaming at her because she was very polite and apologetic and I just stood there like “Wha..?” and said “But I just called, 30 minutes ago I called and they told me it was here to be picked up” and then she handed me the piece of paper that said at 7:42am it was scanned as “out for delivery” and at 3:15 it was scanned as “attempted delivery” and then put on “Will call”. How they missed that when I called them I do not know but they did. I just didn’t know what to say so I left.

So now I’m pissed at UPS. I mean I don’t care that it wasn’t there, I’m not upset that they forgot to take it off the truck. I’m upset that when I CALLED TO CHECK before driving out there, they said it was there.  Tomorrow I’m calling back to verify that if I try to pick it up on Saturday it will be there and so help me god if it’s not there… well.. there’s nothing I can do really but HATE UPS.