Toddler Talk

This is from a million years ago. I always planned to add to it but never managed. I wanted to publish it such as it is because I was so tickled to read it. From July of 2013!

Jack: MOM! I’m a pizza!
Me: A pizza?
Jack: Mom, you will cook me the pizza and Harper… Harper will put dough on me the pizza!

Jack: Uncle Matt is at his house. (Nate was on the phone with Uncle Matt)
Me: Yes.
Jack: Are Molly and Mareyna there too? (His cousins)
Me: Yes. We’re going to go visit them in March, won’t that be fun?
Jack: Do they have a play room?
Me: Yes.
Jack: Is it upstairs or downstairs?
Me: It’s downstairs. They don’t have an upstairs, isn’t that neat?
Jack: … Do they have an outside?

A Milk Protein Allergy

So I guess as a third baby trying to distinguish himself as a unique person and not a smaller version of his brother or sister, Zane has a milk protein allergy. It started with a little streak of blood in his poop where I was told not to worry unless it happened again within the next few days. And so i hoped it was a fluke but apparently it was not.

The first doctor I saw (not my kids’ regular doctor) suggested I try him on formula for a few weeks while pumping to make sure that was the problem, but I have had a terrible relationship with the pump in the past and was afraid to dry up my milk. Zane is a huge baby, like 85th percentile weight, so obviously the allergy wasn’t stopping him from growing, but after having cut dairy from my diet it seems like it has improved his digestive health. I would even go so far as to say improved our night time sleep. Except for the last few nights with another hiccup or two he’s spent the last few weeks after the elimination waking up one time between his 9ish feeding and 7am. I mean it was a damn Christmas miracle (until 2 nights ago, we’ve been back to 2 wake ups and occasional in between fussing). So given the fact that it’s cold and flu season I’ve been pretty determined to eliminate dairy and keep nursing. Also given his stubborn refusal to sleep through the night I’ll be damned if I’m mixing bottles in the middle of the night. I’ll reconsider at 6 months probably but for now I’m surviving without dairy, but just barely. Sadly it’s in everything. Thank goodness milk is now listed under allergens on most food things.

I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but man is it hard! I’ve been planning my first day back on dairy. Dreaming even. Bagel with cream cheese, maybe a chocolate chip muffin. Coffee with creamer, regular or non dairy (wtf non dairy creamer, why must you have dairy??). Pizza! Holy cow the pizza. And cookies and brownies and chocolate and Doritos. At some point our regular doc suggested I try some dairy and see how he does. I freaking can’t wait.

In the mean time I’ve been using vanilla almond milk in my cereal, French vanilla coconut creamer in my coffee, vegan buttery spread (which made my snickerdoodles smell and taste oddly fishy) and I even tried almond mozzarella cheese which I seriously do not recommend. I was desperate for pizza but I will go heavy on the toppings and cheeseless in the future! I’m glad being a vegan is so in right now.

I also find myself googling fast food ingredients to see what’s safe because I know I won’t be able to avoid it for a whole year although it has forced me to cut back which isn’t all bad.

In summary, I miss dairy and it’s a good thing this guy is so cute!


Baby Number 3

At my last doctor appointment before Zane was born I was already almost 4cm dilated. At my last ultrasound he measured in the 75th percentile and was estimated to be 8.5ish lbs by the time my due date arrived. Given this information my doctor planned to break my water after my next appointment assuming my platelet count was still up. I had been taking prednisone for 2.5 weeks to boost them since I have pregnancy induced ITP, where my body attacks my platelets while I’m pregnant. Not sure why, but the same thing happed with all 3 of my pregnancies. The platelet count is important if you want an epidural.  Normal platelet count is between 150-400 and when I started steroids mine were 80. In order to have a spinal at the hospital you need a count of 100. After having the babies my count went back up just fine.

So my labor started around 1:30am on a Monday morning. I had some contractions in the evening before bed, but when I went upstairs and got in bed they stopped so I assumed it was false labor. I was actually pretty sure the 1:30am contractions weren’t real too until it was like 3am and I was still having them and I couldn’t get back to sleep. I started thinking maybe I couldn’t sleep because I was in labor, but was that even possible? I mean with Jack my contractions came every 3 minutes practically from the start and with Harper my water broke and my contractions started 15 minutes later and were 3 minutes apart. This time they started at 12 minutes apart and moved to 10 minutes apart while I was trying to decide if this was real. Is this what regular labor is like??

So by about 4:30 I decided this was indeed the real thing and I called my doctor and spoke with the midwife on call who said it was up to me whether to head in to the hospital or stay home til the contractions were closer together. Given my previous super fast labor we thought it would be better to go in than to wait at home in case something happened and things started moving faster. So we called my mom and while we waited for her we showered and got ready to go.

I think we checked in around 5:30am? The nurse that checked me said she wasn’t sure if the doctor would want to keep me in or not since I hadn’t made a lot of progress from my last doctor appointment and my contractions were still 10 minutes apart, but I thought we stood a chance since we had planned to break my water on Wed anyways. My last platelet count had been 125 so I was feeling pretty good about how this would turn out. The results of my first blood test came back at 96. What?? So my doctor said they would recheck me in an hour and see how things were going. My next test came back at 84. My contractions were still about 8-9 minutes apart so I was given 2 choices. 1 – we could hook me up to the IV (I had to have 2 penicillin bags since I was group b strep positive) and then break my water and get this party started knowing I could not have an epidural… 2 – we could go home and hang out and wait for the contractions to speed up on their own and hope for a platelet miracle. We decided a platelet miracle was highly unlikely considering the current downward trend so we opted for breaking my water.

They hooked in my IV and my labor actually even slowed down for a little while which was good because it allowed me to nap a little in the room. By noon the doctor broke my water and I decided to sit and labor on the yoga ball for a little while. I had never done that before, the extremely nice nurse recommended it so why not! It was an interesting and apparently effective choice. The nurse said she would come back and check me at 2:30 and then she left. It was just me and Nate alone in the room which was weird because I swear I don’t remember that happening in either previous labors. By about 2 I started feeling a little like I should push so I paged the nurse who checked me and said I was 7cm. So 3cm in 2hrs, I was on a roll! The nurse suggested I get on the bed on all fours so to speak, to finish my labor. She had to leave the room for a minute but would help me when she got back. By now labor was pretty hard and my contractions were right on top of each other. When she got back and tried to flip me it felt… Different? And not in a good way! So she rechecked and I was ready to push. Holy crap and thank goodness because I was beyond ready to be done with labor at that point! That shit hurt and I was getting no down time in between.  My poor doctor ran into the room, suited up and suddenly it seemed like there were 500 people in the room with us. By 2:17 this baby was born, with the assistance of suction because his head was big and as we soon found out his arm was up, so he came out head and hand first. Thanks, kid!

He wasn’t even that much heavier than Harper but his head was a good 2-3 inches bigger (yikes) and if we didn’t already plan on him being the last kid let me tell you that labor and my platelet situation would have sealed the deal! He was 8lb 5oz and 21in long and somehow he was like a little clone of Jack when he was a baby. He doesn’t look anything like him any more which is funny but he sure did at the hospital!


Welcome to the world baby Zane!

In hindsight I totally would have loved an epidural but apparently it was very not meant to be.

We had a Baby, it’s a Boy!

Hey I finally thought of something to do while I’m up in the middle of the night feeding the baby. I can update my blog!

By the way, I had a baby, on Oct 20. I don’t think I ever even said I was pregnant, but I was! One of these nights I’ll update with his birth story because of course it was unlike either of my previous two.

Also in major life changes, we moved to a new house. Because being pregnant with our third child wasn’t enough, we had to up the difficulty factor by putting our house on the market and moving to a new one. Hopefully that will be another blog post by itself to talk about that adventure.

But for right now I have to get the big kids ready for their day with my mom.

A Change of Plans (Again).

Last Thanksgiving we were going to go to Kentucky to visit Nate’s family. Then Jack got sick, Harper got sick, and finally Nate and I got sick and we had to reschedule.

In March, we were all ready for our next attempt at Kentucky! And then couple of days before we were due to leave Jack came down with a fever. Really? What horrible timing. So we gave it a couple of days hoping he’d get better but it was a stubborn fever so we caved and rescheduled.

So fast forward to today. Or yesterday to be more accurate. My mom was watching the kids and I packed 500 bags (holy cow kids have a lot of stuff) and about 15 minutes before dinner Jack started getting really clingy and when he came to sit in my lap and he felt like he was on fire! I swear at my mom’s house he seemed fine. We even went to visit Meg at work on our way home because she was out of town last weekend and wanted to see them before we went out of town for a long weekend. I took his temperature and it was 102.4. How unfortunate!

We talked about it after bedtime. We did NOT want to cancel again. We also did not want to take a sick kid in the car for 9 hours to visit other kids who could then get sick. So I crossed my fingers that as suddenly as it came on it would burn off over night. It did not.

Jack woke up at 5:20 asking to tinkle (which is unusual, I think he just already wasn’t sleeping well) and while he was up I took his temp. Back up to 102.7. SIGH. So no Kentucky for us. We sent Nate on by himself which is sad. I wish we could go too, Jack is pretty disappointed not to see his cousins.

And really I can’t believe he’s sick! He has no obvious symptoms right now, so we’ll see how it goes.

Fun with Motion Sickness

Yesterday was supposed to be a super fun day. I was going to take the kids for a walk, then take them to the pool and it was going to be AWESOME!

Instead, Jack BEGGED to go to the park before the pool, and not just any park. He wanted to go to Kelly Road Park (which is unfortunately also the closest park to us that is the farthest from the pool). So we left for our walk at 8:40, by 9:15 we were at the park and then by 9:40 I was loading kids into the car to go to the pool (pool opens at 10).

We were pulling into the parking lot at the pool by 9:55 and all of a sudden as we were looking for a parking spot Jack started throwing up. In his car seat. I parked quickly on the outer loop of the parking lot and started to assess the mess. My first thought was we picked up a virus on our way home from Georgia on Sunday, but then it hit me. The tire swing. It was the last thing he played on before getting in the car. Spinning, and spinning, and spinning and spinning. Some people can take it, some people can’t. Jack comes from a long line of people who can’t take it and in hindsight I wish I had considered that before putting him directly in the car and driving to the pool.

Poor kid was a mess. I got him out of the car and wiped up the applesauce puke (thank god that was his snack) the best I could. I changed his clothes and wiped him down and then we drove home. He went immediately inside to lay down on the sofa and I kept Harper in the garage with me while I cleaned up the mess. I had to take the car seat out so I could take the cover off to wash. I had to wash the towel that was wedged under the car seat and 2 sets of clothes since he had to sit in the pukey seat on his way home too (but with burp cloths and stuff between him and the seat). I scrubbed the seat straps and the seat of my car. It was something else.

After about 20 minutes (it was also time consuming) he came outside into the garage feeling better. Aside from the fact that I made us take it easy for the rest of the day which involved playing inside and more TV than usual he had a pretty normal rest of his day.

So, important life lesson learned! Tire swings are just as awful and evil as I remember them being as a child, and Jack will not be allowed to play on them and then get directly into the car ever again!

I Just Spent 20 Minutes Looking for the Monitor

Both kids are napping. I put Jack down at 1:20 and Harper down at 1:45 and then I did some dishes left over for lunch and then I went to find the baby monitor and realized I had no clue where it was. The last thing I remember about it I had just taken it away from Harper. She was wandering around the kitchen with it pushing buttons and I’d prefer it did not break. So of course the problem was I could no longer remember the super safe place that I put it so that she could no longer get it (that kid is getting tall).

Here are some of the places I looked:

  • Kitchen (on all surfaces)
  • Living room (also all surfaces)
  • Foyer (all surfaces, under things too)
  • Upstairs bathroom
  • Downstairs bathroom (in all doors and drawers)
  • Upstairs playroom
  • Downstairs playroom (formerly the dining room)
  • Master bedroom (on dressers, under the bed)
  • Master closet (on shelves, under laundry on the floor, in the laundry basket)
  • I snuck into both kids’ rooms after they were alseep just in case

This is where I started wondering about the part where I “put it somewhere safe” and started to consider maybe I had put it “somewhere” and then maybe I got distracted. Did actually even I take it away from her? I’m pretty sure I did. I think.

So then I checked the pantry. (I once found my cellphone in the pantry on the snack shelf. I didn’t even know it was missing at the time.)


Was it on a shelf, the snack shelf maybe? No way!

It was on the floor.

Turned on.

Not actually monitoring either of my children though because I would have been able to hear one of the noise makers from their rooms and that would have been too easy. So she managed to turn it to a channel that we don’t have a camera on. (We have 3 cameras, 1 in Harper’s room and 2 in Jack’s room. 1 camera monitors his bed, one catches the area in front of his bed including his door so we can watch him when he’s in time out and make sure he isn’t destroying things).

Will my brain ever work well again? I’m starting to have doubts.

Holy Cow, I Still have a Blog?

I keep meaning to post. I think of things all the time to post about, and then it’s nap time and I come to the computer and my brain is empty and I stare at the screen and think “it will come back to me later.” Except it doesn’t. Surprise!

So yesterday I started uploading some Christmas pictures to Flickr and realized that I hadn’t even uploaded the beach trip pictures to Flickr and that was back in SEPTEMBER! When my sister got married.. and I have not uploaded any pictures since then. What the what?! So I’ve been uploading. As of now they’re all uploaded (and private) and my goal for today is to get them sorted into sets. They’re in a ridiculous order in my photostream, but I don’t think I can resort that so it is what it is!

One of my New Years resolutions was to blog more.  My other one was to exercise more. I’m happy to say I am exercising more. (which means I’m exercising, period. more than none at least, but maybe not quite as much as I would like. still trying to get into the rhythm of it.)

So here I am, and it’s less than 2 weeks away from Jack’s third birthday and just over a month away from Harper’s first birthday and I can hardly believe it. Maybe I should do one of those posts that talks about all the milestones the kids are hitting or something. Maybe?

And now I have to go take a shower and brush my teeth because I’m running out of “first nap” time!

Welcome to Cold and Flu Season

On Monday Jack had a fever, a runny nose, and a barking cough. By Monday afternoon I had Googled “barking cough” and was convinced he had croup. I called the pediatrician, talked to the nurse and she gave me a list of things to watch out for and suggested I sleep with him because it’s worse at night.

Fortunately it was not croup. I’m not sure either of us slept much that night, but his cough turned phlegmy instead of barking and at 4:40 I couldn’t take it any more and went downstairs to try to get an hour or so of sleep before Harper got up. She was still showing no signs of the bug.

Tuesday he still had a fever, and it was higher. So far he hadn’t been feeling too bad really, just sniffly with a fever and no appetite. We spent the day rotting his brain in front of the TV with a few hours spent playing quietly in the play room and practicing covering his mouth with his elbow while he coughed. I think he’s finally getting the hang of it!

Wednesdays my mom usually picks him up. His temp was now out of fever range, but still slightly high so he skipped his Nature Center trip, but still went with my mom (and dad who took the day off) to get out of the house for a while for a change of scenery. And also Harper now had a runny nose. We’re talking like a faucet. No fever, very little cough, but very much snot. Mix that with the fact that I swear her 2 bottom teeth are mere minutes away from poking through the skin and between her mouth and her nose it was a day full of face wiping. She was seemed to feel fine except for the part about the face wiping.

So here we are on day 4. Harper is coughing more, still no fever. Jack’s temp is 99.6 so nothing really to write home about in the grand scheme of things. He still says he doesn’t feel well, but I think it’s more words than actual feeling at this point. He hasn’t had breakfast and hasn’t asked for food at all which doesn’t thrill me, but they’ve both had some unfortunate diapers recently so maybe the bug has hit their stomach (or intestines) and he’s just not that hungry. I don’t blame him. He doesn’t seem to want to play much though, so I see another day of Blue’s Clues in our future. I so love that show and thank goodness for Netflix for having stuff like that in the streaming section.

Hopefully by this weekend he’ll be back to normal or normalish, and we’ll see how long Harper’s nose continues to leak. So far when Jack gets sick she just gets a runny nose. (knock on wood) and I’m guessing it’s due to the fact that I still nurse her twice a day (even though I think she’s as tired of it as I am, with Jack out and about so much attracting germs she needs all the help she can get)!

Wishful Thinking Out Loud

Dear Poop,

Please stop waking my daughter up early. Please.

Tired (of Poop)

Dear Baby,

Please get on a sleep schedule already. Pick a time you want to take your naps and let me know. Heck, pick a number of naps you want to take per day, we can start with that! For someone who insisted on rolling, sitting, crawling and standing before her brother, I would like to point out that by your age he was on a very regular schedule. This is when you took your nap yesterday and the day before, what do you mean you’re not tired??


Dear Toddler,

Please be nice to your sister all the time, not just sometimes. Your truck did not run over her feet, you ran the truck over her feet.


Dear Cats,

Please stop with the hairballs. Just let me brush you once in a while, it will help!


Dear Dog,

Please stop eating the hairballs. Really, stop.