Are You Freaking Kidding Me?!

This upsets me.

I feel like I don’t have words to adequately express my feelings about this bill.

I don’t have words to express how the title “Defense of Marriage” makes me feel because OH HOLY HELL people, really?! DEFENSE of Marriage? Like my marriage is being attacked by gay people and only this constitutional amendment can save it? Really? Get a damn grip already!

It seriously blows my mind.

I’m writing my lawmakers to express my desire for them to vote against this bill. I’ve never actually bothered to write my lawmakers and I’m not really even sure my opinon on the matter will make a difference but I’m damn well going to give it a shot.


So I’m sitting here watching the local news on WRAL and they just had a story about a 16 year old girl in Brunswick County who just married her (former) 40 year old track coach.

What the fuck?

Then they had the girl’s mother on telling about how she began to have a “special relationship” or something like that with this track coach pretty much as soon as she met him as a freshman in highschool at age 14. She went on to say how she tried everything she could think of, police, family, friends to keep them apart but none of it worked.

Now, having recently been married I remember seeing on the marriage license the part where if you’re under 18 you need your parents to sign off saying you can get married.

I don’t have kids. I don’t know what it’s like to be a parent and I certainly don’t claim to know everything, but I have to say I wanted to tell that mother to STFU about how awful this is and how she tried to prevent it when she next admitted to signing the marriage license because you reach a point where there’s nothing else you can do. Umm… Nothing you can do except maybe NOT SIGN THE MARRIAGE LICENSE?

I mean seriously! Don’t sit there complaining that you did everything you could to stop them when you’re the one that gave them permission to get married and they legally couldn’t have done it without your permission. It’s just not right.


iPhone Drama!

Ok so I know everyone has seen the iPhone and it seems pretty neat and all, but tonight my honey asked if I’d heard about the lawsuit.. of course I hadn’t and I’m kind of surprised I hadn’t but whatever.

Basically Apple is being sued by Cisco for trademark infringement of “iPhone” which Cisco has owned since 2000. What makes it even more interesting is the part where Cisco is saying that Apple went so far as to create a phony foreign company to get around it.

I just thought that was kind of interesting. Kind of makes me not like Apple so much.. that they were in talks with Cisco, just had to send back some paperwork or something before the release but just didn’t do it. I mean obviously everyone would associate iAnything with Apple, but I think it was pretty self important of Apple to go ahead with it like they just don’t care.

Anyways, just my two cents.

Man I posted a lot today. I wouldn’t expect too much from me over the next couple of days, I think my brain is full.


Ok, I just wanted to point out this article to people who live around here. It stood out to me for a number of reasons.

1. Who cares if Cary residents don’t like the new signs?

2. The signs in Cary really are ugly. Like really ugly and what makes that so funny is all the rules and regulations Cary has about signs. Mostly rules like “don’t have them.”

3. Read the comments. Seriously, even if you don’t read the rest of the article the comments are totally worth it. I just don’t even know what to think of them! I mean that is some hard core HATING of Cary. The best part is they HATE Cary and all their “I’m better than you are” attitudes, but umm.. really? Pot calling the kettle black and all that good stuff. Idiots.

It reminded me of high school, only worse. I can remember being 14 or 15 and a freshman in highschool.. School hadn’t been in session very long and I didn’t know many people. A few of the people that I did know had this one friend Autumn* that said to me one day “You know, you’re the nicest Yankee I’ve ever met,” and I remember just being speechless. I mean what do you say to that?! I mean geez.. and then looking back, how many “Yankees” do you think she’s actually ever met (not including my mid-western-yankee-ass)? I’m thinking a big fat 0.

I guess I just sort of forgot some people were still so anti-outsiders. You’d think they’d be flattered that they created such a nice place to live. Oh well.

*not her real name


I’m sure everyone in the area has seen it on the news and stuff, but I just wanted to take a few minute to complain about the water situation.

I found out about the whole ecoli thing when the Bone Fish called me on Friday around 6:30 to tell me that they had to cancel my 8:30 reservation because the Health Dept. had shut down all restaurants in Cary due to a potential bacterial thing. Fortunately I was able to call the Bone Fish in Raleigh and get a new reservation at 8:45, or I’d have been really sad, as that’s where we planned on going after the courthouse!  

Fortunately Nate and I keep the 16oz bottles of water on hand at all times to bring to work and stuff, because boiling water is not fun. I had to boil water for the pets because we did not have enough bottled water to fill their water jug and I could not find gallon jugs of water at target while I was out.

On the other hand, I’m glad to know that testing like this is proactive, but UGH! Did I mention also that I live litterally RIGHT OUTSIDE of the west Cary area that has been cleared. So close, and yet not. So this afternoon we’re heading up to Brier Creek to do some shopping and hopefully bring home some gallon jugs of water, as Cary said they thought the “boil water” notice might last through the weekend and now they’re saying they don’t know how long it will last.

Sucks to own a restaurant in Cary right now! Thank goodness we’re so close to Apex and Morrisville!