The Importance of Order

Since I am lucky enough to stay home two days a week I try to make good use of my time and get things done around the house when I can. Things like laundry, some cleaning, and occasional straightening (although probably not enough straightening if you ask my husband, but that’s beside the point).

Normally I follow pretty much the same routine. Jack goes down for his nap, check my work email, straighten up any dishes from recent meals, clean the bathroom, take a shower, and put the towels in the wash. Yesterday I was feeling kind of lazy and didn’t really want to clean the bathroom yet so I skipped that step and just showered and put the towels in the wash and then surfed the internet for a little bit.

So blah blah blah, day goes on, put the towels in the drier, start a load of clothes, play with the baby, blah blah blah, time for his next nap and I figure now I’ll clean the bathroom because I can’t bear to just skip cleaning it for the week. No way.

And then when I got to the bathroom I noticed that instead of putting my towel in the laundry basket after I used it I hung it up. Even though there were no other towels to hang up, I hung it up. So it didn’t make it into the laundry. Also not making it into the laundry was the towel that sits on the floor under the dog bowl (because otherwise someone (Gouda) gets water EVERYWHERE when he drinks and I didn’t want the grout to get moldy again like it was before we started putting the towel down).


And stuff like that makes me just CRAZY because if I had just done it in the order it was supposed to be done in, I wouldn’t have to wash the towels again next week too! (We have two sets. I change them weekly and wash them when both sets are dirty. In case you were thinking it was gross to only wash your towels every other week. If you weren’t, then you can ignore this part.)

(and now for something completely different)

You know what else makes me crazy?

The fact that our DVR got stupid last night and at 8:50 when I realized nothing was taping I looked at the DVR schedule and everything was listed as “No Information Available” even though the guide showed everything just fine. So THANKS A LOT Dish Network. Now I have to watch the Vampire Diaries (don’t judge me!) online which sucks because I think the CW has more commercials on their online shows than they do when they air on TV and on the internet you can’t skip them which is just LAME. (As it turns out, after speaking with Dish, they say out DVR is broken and are sending us a new box so we now have to watch as much as we can of what we’re behind on (which thank goodness we’d started doing over Thanksgiving) and then I have to set up the timers alllllll over again with the new box. That’s my favorite part.)

And while I noticed the problem in time to tape Grey’s Anatomy I was really not all that relieved so I’ve decided to remove Grey’s Anatomy from my DVR schedule. I’m always sad to stop watching a show while it’s still on the air but I really just can’t make myself care any more and I think it’s time to move on! This probably means that all of the other shows I love (like Chuck and Parenthood) will probably be canceled to spite me and leave a big gaping hole on my weekly TV viewing schedule.

I am an Idiot Part 379

Let me preface this by saying that I have one drawer at work where I keep my purse and it is the only drawer at work I keep locked. I keep the key to that drawer along with the key to my docking station on a key ring together that I normally carry in my pants pocket if I’m at work, or leave in my purse if I’m not at work. I only have one key to this particular drawer so if I were to lose this key I would be in a crap-load of trouble.

I think you see where this is headed.

Sort of.

Today I wore a very cute skirt/sweater set to work. I recently (finally) remember to cut open the pockets on the skirt so I could carry my desk key like normal.

So I got back from lunch and reached into my pocket and there was no key. Pretty sure that wasn’t possible I checked again and still no key.

So next I checked my not-so-secret hiding place where I keep my key if I happen to be wearing something that doesn’t have pockets. (For the record it’s under my keyboard.) Not there either.

Cue mild panic.

By this point I was starting to seriously question my decision to lock my purse in a drawer that I only had one key to.

I was also starting to try to retrace my steps so I could figure out at which point the key fell out of my pocket.

And finally, I was also picking up EVERYTHING on my desk and moving it around and pretty much making a mess of things just in case the key go tucked in there somewhere.

And THANK GOD because I was already imagining scenarios involving the facilities guys having to break into my desk to retrieve my purse for me and MAN would that be embarrassing.

Of course now that I have my key safely back in my pocket I am re-thinking my decision to re-think the location of my purse.


Recently at work we launched a new website. I played a small role in developing a very specific piece of the site. I know there were a ton of meetings and months and months of work and my total part took just a few hours over a week or so to get together. I’m not trying to say it wasn’t an important piece, it was, it just wasn’t a big one and I didn’t go through nearly the amount of work, effort and time put into it as everyone else. I don’t know why I feel the need to put that out there, but there it is.

Anyways, today there was a lunch for the people that worked on the site. I was invited. I got the invite Monday and skimmed it. It said reply by Friday so she can make reservations to get an accurate count. This morning I noticed that it actually meant last Friday and the lunch was today. I immediately started trying to think of ways to get out of going. Mosly rationalizing to myself that for breakfast I had a bacon egg and cheese English muffin, an orange juice, a donut and a medium coffee (hello, Dukin Donuts!) and that I still seriously felt like I wouldn’t need to eat again for the rest of the week. I also started stressing out a little, about the possibility of having to go to lunch with people I don’t know very well (although there were people on my team going who I do know and have been to lunch with before, they also have worked much closer with the rest of the people that would be there). I just really really didn’t want to go and I really don’t have an actual reason I can pinpoint except that the whole thing just seemed like it would probably make me ridiculously uncomfortable. A smallish group I could probably handle, but I think it was more like a largish group

I’m moderately socially awkward. I don’t converse easily with people I don’t know and I’m not really good at making small talk. For the most part I’m completely ok with that except that I means I wind up freaking out in situations like this where I may actually be forced to interact with people I don’t know very well.

So that’s not even the most ridiculous part of this whole thing. That part is when I heard my coworkers talking about it and knowing if I was sitting there they would realize I was invited and try to bring me with them, I went to the bathroom hoping by the time I got back they would be gone. And they were. And I was relieved.

And then one of them called me to apologize for leaving without me and telling me that if I hurried I could probably still catch a ride with another coworker. I thanked him for the suggestion but told him I would pass on the lunch and I hope I didn’t sound like too big a mental case in the process.

So there it is. I hid in the bathroom to avoid social interaction with people I don’t know from work. Just a little piece of my crazy.

Speaking of crazy…

Layne has started chewing on her crate again while we’re gone. She did it when she was a puppy, we started medicating her and she stopped. We have not stopped medicating her but all of a sudden she has started chewing it again. I’ve called the vet but so far we’re playing phone tag. This evening we got home and she had chewed it enough to make her gums bleed. We feel awful but have no idea what to do. We’ve upped her dosage and so far it hasn’t helped so we upped it again tonight and hopefully I’ll actually get to talk to the vet tomorrow morning and they’ll be able to get her squared away. Poor thing!

Surprise, We’re having Pork Chops for Dinner

When I got home from work I put a ziplock of frozen chicken in the sink to thaw to cook for dinner.

When it thawed I went to get it out of the sink and thought it looked a little weird. I mean since when was chicken so pink?

And then I realized it wasn’t chicken. It was pork chops. I really need to start labeling things before I put them in the freezer apparently!

And while I’m talking about moderately idiotic goofy things I’ve done this week, there’s always this…

Let me start by explaining something. Gouda currently takes half a steroid every three days. So avoid confusion we posted a calendar near his chow bowl and marked the days this month that he’ll get his pill so all we have to do is look at the calendar instead of trying to remember when the last time he took his pill was. It’s genius in its simplicity, right?

So the other night the following conversation may or may not have taken place between me and Nate:

Nate (looking at the calendar): No pill for Gouda tonight!

Me (looking at the same calendar): What do you mean? It’s Tuesday, he gets the pill tonight.

Nate (looking at me): Are you serious?

Me (very serious): Umm, yes. Tuesday, it says “PILL” right there. *Points to calendar for emphasis*

Nate (still looking at me): …

Me (noticing I was pointing at Tuesday the 13th and not Tuesday the 6th): Oh. I guess all Tuesdays are not interchangeable. Huh. Carry on!

This comes from me being unable to keep my big fat mouth shut when I think I’m right about something, even if I’m not.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I’m 29.

I came home from work on Friday and found gifts left by my mom.

We’re planning on going to dinner tonight.

Otherwise nothing major going on today except a visit by the cable guy. Of course the box has started working again but I’m going to make them swap it out anyways. It’s such a heap! (And that’s how you turn a post about your birthday into yet another gripe about your crappy cable service).

What the Crap is Wrong with the Toilets in this House?!

The toilet in the masterbath has been running lately. It seems like we just had the stupid toilet downstairs fixed (even though it was waaaay back in September), and I think it is the same part on this one that has gone bad too. I so do not feel like having to have another freaking plumber come out, but I’m not sure this is a part I can replace myself. I’m going to do some research and we’ll see, but I’m afraid I see another plumber in my future!

After waffling back and forth all evening last night I finally caved and decided to take Gouda to the vet today. I’m glad I did because they found what, just not why. Fortunately have several solutions. So he’s on a dewormer (doesn’t have worms, but just in case), a probiotic, and an anti-infective along with the always exciting chicken and rice diet. I really wish I knew what was causing the problem in the first place so we could avoid it altogether! 

And lastly I almost had a some-what creative idea today. I was going to put some button holes on a ribbon to use to hook back the curtains in the kitchen, only I can’t seem to operate the stupid automatic button hole maker foot thing on the sewing machine. After trying like 50 times I ran out of bobbin thread and was not making any actual progress. My mom is coming over this weekend to help me, thank god. Next time I have a bright idea like that someone remind me to wait it out.. it will pass!

I Almost Ate Mussels

Last night at dinner I ordered a seafood pescatore at Carrabbas. I almost ordered it “hold the mussells” but after listening to my friend Ted describe how tasty mussels were (and not at all squishy or chewy or overall gross as I had imagined they would be) I decided to man up and try something new!

Until the mussels actually got there. I mean he told me they would stll be in their shells, so I sort of had them pictured as little scallops in shells. Only they weren’t. They were worse and way more scary. I couldn’t do it. I looked at it, I even pulled one out of the shell but in the end I gave the mussels to Ted and Jennifer because I am a wuss and I just couldn’t do it.

Note: I ate a piece of calamari once and it was so traumatic I must have blocked it because I have no memory of the taste or consistancy of it. I don’t know who I was kidding with the mussels.

Other than that my weekend was pretty good. I drank a lot of wine and woke up with a pounding headache and then spent most of today doing nothing. Can’t beat it!

Pushing Daisies

I just watched the first two episodes of Pushing Daisies and I LOVED it. Seriously, it’s SO cute, is anyone else watching it?

I also spent about an hour crawling around the back yard this evening scooping up the stupid nuts because they’re too small to rake and I’m not really sure how else to get them off the ground so for now, scooping it is! I also pulled several weeds, put down more seed and watered the lawn a little.

Did I mention that in my one solid hour of crawling around scooping up nuts and weeds that I really only covered one fourth to one third of the area that is currently covered in nuts? Because that’s about how long it took me to cover such a small area and my yard is still COVERED in nuts.

And also, tomorrow is my birthday. I’m turning 28. I really have no big feelings associated with this birthday. I remember turning 27 and thinking how nice 26 was and how 27 seemed so old. Right. I thought the same thing when I turned 25, and probably 24 too. Anyways, this year I have no such feelings. For some reason 28 seems just fine to me.

It is kind of funny though, because in college when I saw myself at 28 I saw myself married, with a good job and I saw 28 as the age where I would be ready to start a family. HA! Don’t get me wrong, someday sure, but 28 just doesn’t feel as old and mature as I thought it would back when I was 20.

What a Day!

The cable guy came out today to try to see if we had a problem with our cable. Sometimes the channels get all pixelated and then the channel stalls and goes black. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does happen it sucks. So anyways the guy couldn’t find a problem so he replaced both cable boxes and that was that.  

Nate went with a friend to the NCSU/Lousville game today and while he was gone my dad came over to help me with the toilet problem. The problem being the toilet is still running, even after I got a new flapper. So we figured it was the flush valve. Only he couldn’t get the screw to budge. Part of the problem was the fact that the screw required a very big screw driver. Bigger than any we have, and we have some big ones. I think another part of the problem is just that everything in that tank was rusty and corroded. He said we might even have to replace the whole toilet so I decided to call the Home Warranty people. Nate said “I told you so” since he wanted to call them in the first place, but I just can’t shell out $60 for the warranty fee when the fix might potentially only cost like $5. 

Afterwards we were watching part of a football game on and dad tried to change the channel and the channel said I had to subscribe. Not cool. So I went upstairs to try it and when the upstairs box booted up it said “your cable has been disconnected, please call your service provider.” Umm, what?! So I went downstairs and rebooted the box and had the same problem. This was not ok. So I called and got the “we’re experiencing higher than normal call volumes” message and then I waited… and waited.. and finally got a real person that seemed to think everything was fine on their end and sent some signal and had me reboot and it did nothing. So she offered to call the tech back out to look at it. While she was trying to get ahold of him it came back on. That seemed to surprise her too. I figured as long as it was back I was happy, but I wondered if it was a widespread problem and that’s why they had a high call volume.

So after that I decided that I was going to paint the ceilings in the master bath and the laundry room. It’s freakin hard to paint the ceiling, looking up and stuff all the time. What a pain!  Seriously, it sucks, but it looks a lot better. Next weekend I’ll have to go back around and touchup the paint on the edges because the tape I used so I wouldn’t paint the walls peeled a little paint off some areas. Tradeoffs I guess.

And lastly, I’m getting pretty hoarse. I’m still congested, still no sinus pressure, but I’m starting to develop a cough and now I can barely talk. It’s awesome.

So anyways, it’s 9pm and I’m wishing I hadn’t taken that sudafed at 7 because then I could take a nyquil and go to sleep for 2 years which would be great since I woke up at 7:30 this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep which, for a Saturday, is just not right.

Shoes and Tattoos

Ok, Dave made me feel bad! I didn’t mean to let anyone down, so here is my shoe collection. Or most of it. See that purple bin at the end of the shoes? That contains my “winter shoes” like boots.. and then if you actually go to flickr you can see my “flip flop basket” that sits downstairs with even more shoes. I like shoes. A lot.

And here is my tattoo, to go along with my “outing” on Min’s post over at Mama Drama.

It’s a celtic love knot, there is no beginning and no end. It’s on a necklace my grandma gave me and I always really like it. So I got a tattoo.

Someday I’ll get more. As soon as I figure out what to get and where to put it.