In Case You Haven’t Heard

So I’m sure everyone has read about it already, but still. Wow. Anna Nicole Smith is dead.

My sister called me on my way home from work to tell me she was dead. I’m not sure whether to be surprised or not, but I hope her baby lands in capable hands. Like hands that don’t belong to that creepy lawyer guy she was with.

I’m sure I’m completely wrong and it’s just a testament to the fact that I watch entirely too much TV and all, but I’m waiting for them to determine that the lawyer killed her son in the Bahamas, and then he killed her.

Maybe I should layoff the Law and Order in the evenings..

I’m a Closet Gossip Whore

Ok, so maybe those of you who know me are asking yourself “Closet? What closet?” but seriously.. I love me some celebrity gossip. Love. Why? Who knows. Who cares? Nate is totally convinced Us Magazine knows everything. I try to be optimistic.

So anyways, there was a point to this.. on the radio on the way home from work today they announced that Britney Spears has filed for divorce. So. Umm. Wow! I know everyone kind of saw that one coming, but really I kind of didn’t. I mean they were both so.. uh.. just out there I guess that I thought maybe in some strange way unbeknownst to the rest of us, they’re really going to make it work. WRONG!

Looks like Us Magazine really does know everything!

In celebrity related news I do have to admit I’m more than a little sad about the whole Reese and Ryan thing.

I could go on.

And on and on.

But I won’t.

In completely unrelaetd news, the trash was being picked up as I was driving down the street this evening, and the boxes? Still there! Somehow those silly trash guys must have missed them.. right after those silly recycle guys missed them.

Box fairies anyone?