So far we’ve cleaned out one bedroom closet and the attic and most of it is going straight into the trash. We do have this set of dishes and silverware though, if anyone wants it let me know otherwise it’s going to goodwill.


We still have one closet left to do and I’m afraid to even start thinking about the garage, which is next on our list of home improvements. We’re going to insulate and put up drywall. That means that first we’ll have to take everything out and that is really not something I want to do!

UPDATE: We finished purging and went ahead and took the dishes to goodwill.

Purging is fun. I think I need a nap.

Free to a Good Home

It’s four tv trays. If no one wants them they’re off to goodwill this weekend. First person who wants to pick them up wins!


After looking at a gazillion houses online, several in person, and driving through a few of the “potential neighborhoods” we’ve reconsidered moving next year. So we’re going to do some spring cleaning this weekend and see what kind of fun stuff we have stored in the attic because it’s been there for a year and chances are if we haven’t used it in a year we probably don’t need it and maybe we can think about getting rid of it. Maybe.

So there may be more stuff to come this weekend, we’ll see if Nate can convince me it’s stuff we really don’t need. Really. Maybe.