Recently at work we launched a new website. I played a small role in developing a very specific piece of the site. I know there were a ton of meetings and months and months of work and my total part took just a few hours over a week or so to get together. I’m not trying to say it wasn’t an important piece, it was, it just wasn’t a big one and I didn’t go through nearly the amount of work, effort and time put into it as everyone else. I don’t know why I feel the need to put that out there, but there it is.

Anyways, today there was a lunch for the people that worked on the site. I was invited. I got the invite Monday and skimmed it. It said reply by Friday so she can make reservations to get an accurate count. This morning I noticed that it actually meant last Friday and the lunch was today. I immediately started trying to think of ways to get out of going. Mosly rationalizing to myself that for breakfast I had a bacon egg and cheese English muffin, an orange juice, a donut and a medium coffee (hello, Dukin Donuts!) and that I still seriously felt like I wouldn’t need to eat again for the rest of the week. I also started stressing out a little, about the possibility of having to go to lunch with people I don’t know very well (although there were people on my team going who I do know and have been to lunch with before, they also have worked much closer with the rest of the people that would be there). I just really really didn’t want to go and I really don’t have an actual reason I can pinpoint except that the whole thing just seemed like it would probably make me ridiculously uncomfortable. A smallish group I could probably handle, but I think it was more like a largish group

I’m moderately socially awkward. I don’t converse easily with people I don’t know and I’m not really good at making small talk. For the most part I’m completely ok with that except that I means I wind up freaking out in situations like this where I may actually be forced to interact with people I don’t know very well.

So that’s not even the most ridiculous part of this whole thing. That part is when I heard my coworkers talking about it and knowing if I was sitting there they would realize I was invited and try to bring me with them, I went to the bathroom hoping by the time I got back they would be gone. And they were. And I was relieved.

And then one of them called me to apologize for leaving without me and telling me that if I hurried I could probably still catch a ride with another coworker. I thanked him for the suggestion but told him I would pass on the lunch and I hope I didn’t sound like too big a mental case in the process.

So there it is. I hid in the bathroom to avoid social interaction with people I don’t know from work. Just a little piece of my crazy.

Speaking of crazy…

Layne has started chewing on her crate again while we’re gone. She did it when she was a puppy, we started medicating her and she stopped. We have not stopped medicating her but all of a sudden she has started chewing it again. I’ve called the vet but so far we’re playing phone tag. This evening we got home and she had chewed it enough to make her gums bleed. We feel awful but have no idea what to do. We’ve upped her dosage and so far it hasn’t helped so we upped it again tonight and hopefully I’ll actually get to talk to the vet tomorrow morning and they’ll be able to get her squared away. Poor thing!

Short Week!

Did I mention that I love short weeks? Monday comes on Monday, Friday comes on Wednesday. Seriously, what’s not to love?

So something kind of funny. I read an article online the other day talking about sleep positions and what they mean and the quality of sleep you get etc. I’m the “soldier” and when I saw that position is more likely to have a bad nights’ sleep I decided that I was going to change my sleep position. It said the soldier position is more likely to have a bad nights sleep. Now, I fall asleep easily, but I also wake up multiple times a night, every night. For no reason except to look at the clock and see how much time I have left. So I figured if I could change my sleep position then I would sleep fine and everything would be perfect.

So I went to sleep on my side one night to test it out. First of all, I had a harder time than normal falling asleep. Second? I still woke up like 500 times! The funny thing is I think that it was really just to sort of check to see that I was still sleeping on my side. So one the one hand I felt sort of good that I was actually able to change my sleep position in one night. On the other hand I was so intent on changing it that it managed to wake me up multiple times in the middle of the night.

Sometimes I think I just can’t win.

And now it’s time for bed!

When is it Time to Worry?

This morning Gouda didn’t eat his breakfast. He got just as excited about breakfast as normal, but he sniffed it, ate maybe 3 kibbles and then looked up at me and Nate and wagged his tail. Completely out of character for him. This is the dog that would eat anything you put in front of him.

Now, he’s had some digestive issues the past few months and while nothing big has turned up, at his last vet trip it was suggested he start on some sensitive stomach chow so we got that and mixed it in with his diet chow. That was atleast two weeks ago.

We heard his stomach gurgling this morning, so maybe he didn’t feel well, but all his stomach issues in the past never stopped him from eating (except when we withheld food to give his stomach time to calm down).

Layne Playing  Cute

I know missing one meal is not going to kill him. Layne once skipped like 4 meals in a row before going to the vet to determine there was nothing wrong with her and she started eating again normally after that.

So I’m a little worried. If he skips dinner I’ll be a lot worried.

And in other news, Layne didn’t like that I went upstairs to take a picture of Gouda and not of her so she retaliated by bringing the cute.

Strategy or Paranoia?

Last night at 10pm my realtor (selling agent) called.

First of all, it was 10pm, I had been laying in bed watching HGTV for at least 30 minutes and was practically asleep. I may have even been completely asleep but for such a short period of time I wasn’t sure if I was awake or asleep and why was the phone ringing at 10pm!? And then I saw it was our realtor and all was forgiven.

She was not calling to say someone made us an offer. She was calling to say that a buyer’s agent called to ask what kind of closing date we were looking for on our house. I was sort of flustered. I was so flustered; in fact, I started wondering if I had actually been asleep and if I was really capable of intelligent thought and so I started rambling about closing in March sometime but not during this one long weekend we’d be out of town. So we picked a date to give them and that was that.

And now I’m left wondering why would they want to know what kind of closing date we were looking for, and do they still plan on making an offer after hearing our date and if they do how long will it take before we get an offer, because so far we have no offer. I mean were they hoping they could get a further out closing date and now they don’t want our house? Or they’re ok with the closing date, they do want our house, they just want us to know that someone is interested and maybe if they make us wait a few days for an actual offer we’ll be so excited to be getting an actual offer that we’ll take anything.

Or, you know, none of the above.

I’m Bleeeeeeding!

Ok not really.

But earlier today I experienced my first ever nose bleed.

My first thought was that after several months of using two nasal sprays my brain was melting and starting to leak out but I called the health clinic and they assured me it was nothing to worry about. Then they suggested I either get a THIRD freaking nasal spray (called Ocean Mist) to help restore moisture to my nasal cavity, or I can buy a humidifier. (btw, in case I haven’t mentioned it I really HATE spraying liquid up my nose. Hate.)

I’m leaning towards the humidifier, but we’ll see. I’d really love to get a whole house version but I wouldn’t even know where to begin looking into doing that. I mean who installs that, the electrician or the plumber? I would imagine they hook into your water lines and to the heating system somehow. Which leads me back to thinking it would be easier to just get one for the bedroom.

I wonder if Nate will let me get one shaped like a frog. (kidding). (sort of).

I’m Not Sure Who is Worse

So a couple of weeks ago when we had all that rain (remember that rain? wasn’t it awesome?) Nate and I decided to take the dogs outside on their leashes instead of giving them free reign of the yard. Figured it would be quicker and less messy with less running in the mud and less messing around in general.

Anyways, it was drizzling (oh how I miss that rain) and it was their “last chance before bed” trip so we were standing down under the deck where we usually take the dogs to “go” and just waiting for Layne to go. And waiting. And waiting. And it was not cool standing out there getting dripped on waiting for the dog to pee. We tried to be patient because I think something about being on the leash and being told to “potty” like 500 times were starting to make her nervous. She pretty much refused to budge from my side the whole time we were out there, despite my insistance that she JUST FREAKIN POTTY ALREADY.

Finally after what seemed like forever (but was probably only like 15 minutes) we gave up and went in. Sure the last time Layne used the bathroom was 5pm and chances were that the next time she’d get a chance would be 8am, but that was not our problem.

Or was it?

Because seriously I must have slept with one eye open that night, waiting for the sound. You know.. the one that meant the poor freak of a dog couldn’t hold it for 15 hours like I had hoped. Only the sound never came. Every time the dog moved I woke up, my heart beating a mile a minute like I was about to have to spring into action to avert some sort of doggie disaster. Except the sound I was expecting? It never came.

Instead around 8am we woke up to the other sound. One that I’m sure most pet owners are familiar with, right before the dog (or cat) empties its stomach onto the floor.

It was awesome.

So basically my entire night was killed because I kept worrying about the dog peeing on the floor. Her entire night was probably killed because she couldn’t figure out why mom and dad put her on the leash and then yelled at her in the rain. And Nate’s morning was killed by having to rush the dog into the bathtub, because who wants to scrub the carpet first thing in the morning?

Really.. sometimes I’m not sure who is more neuritic.. Me.. or the dog…

And sometimes I’m afraid it might be me.

I Should Not Be Allowed to Self Diagnose

So earlier in the week my chest started to hurt. First it was only when I swallowed, then it was only when I swallowed or when I thought about it. Then I discovered I was thinking about it all the time and it was hurting all the time. Or it was hurting all the time so I was thinking about it all the time. After a day or two I couldn’t tell the difference.

I’ve never really had pain in my chest before so I had no idea what could have been causing it. I was about 99% sure it was nothing and would go away and 1% sure that I would have a heart attack at age 28. Over active imagination much?

So by Wednesday my chest didn’t hurt any more, it was now more of a tightness. It felt heavy and not as easy to breathe. I figured it was definitely my imagination, all in my head. Except then I started getting winded walking up the stairs and while singing in the car. So I figured maybe I was coming down with a cold or something. Maybe.

This morning I called and scheduled an appointment with the onsite clinic at work and in the mean time I went to WebMD to try and diagnose myself. By the way, pretty much if you select anything about pain in your chest it PANICS and tells you to CALL YOUR DOCTOR NOW! So of course that made me feel better… By the time I was done I was sure it was either a cold, pneumonia, or something called pleurisy. Because I had like two of the symptoms and I’m pretty suggestive.

Turns out the doctor thinks I have a sort of seasonal asthma thing going on. Something about the bronchial tubes constricting and making it more difficult to get air in. She said she’s seen a lot of it this year, since the weather has been so funky and that it’s due to the changing of the seasons and shouldn’t last too long. Just until winter. In the mean time I’ve been given an inhaler to use twice a day and if I still wind up getting winded during exercise or other physical activities she can give me a short acting inhaler to use before exercise. I should notice a difference in a couple of days and I need to report back in about a week to check my progress.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have guessed asthma. Fortunately it’s only temporary because this pressure in my chest is seriously driving me to distraction. I almost didn’t know if I should have been medicated for the chest pain or for the anxiety over my obsession.

So anyways, I hope this doesn’t impact my weekend any since I had sort of planned on helping Nate insulate and hang drywall in the garage. I think Nate has recruited Ted so it probably wouldn’t be the end of the world if I wasn’t much help, but I hate not being able to do stuff!

Flu Shot

So today I got a flu shot. My company offers them for free on site so I figured why not.

This is the first year I’ve had a flu shot. Mostly I was just never really worried, plus one year Nate got one and then was still laid out for a week with the flu, so it didn’t look especially helpful to me.

Mostly I just didn’t want to get a shot. I’m not sure why, but the thought of getting a shot really did not sit well with me. Having blood drawn at the doctor’s office? No problem. Donating blood? No problem. Having someone stick a needle in my arm for a flu shot? Big problem! So I waffled for a while and eventually decided to suck it up and get the stupid shot.

Fortunately I was wearing a tank top under my button down shirt today, because the sleeves on my shirt could not roll up high enough for them to get to that part of my arm. I was not very well prepared. I also had to sit down there and be observed for a few minutes after the shot, I guess to make sure I didn’t have a bad reaction to it. The most common side effect listed was “a sore arm” which is kind of a given considering the part where they stick a needle into your arm.

Also, surprisingly, it didn’t hurt. Well, it hurt a little. But it didn’t hurt nearly as much as I had built it up in my head to hurt. I guess it never does. My least favorite part about giving blood is the part where they prick your finger to test your iron. I hate it. It rarely hurts, but for some reason I dread that part the most. Again, the part where they put the big needle in my arm to draw the blood? Not a problem. Tiny needle to get a drop of blood to test my iron? Big problem!

So anyways, the good news is I had the shot, I probably wouldn’t have gotten the flu anyways, and now my arm is sore.

And it’s still raining today which really just makes everything fine. So far we’ve probably had 2 inches, even though we’d need 15 to end the drought. So 2 down, 13 to go!

It Must Be Fall

It’s only been fall for one day and I’m already working towards what I’m sure will be my first sinus infection of the season.

I woke up yesterday with a sore throat due to a post nasal drip. I wasn’t worried. I wasn’t congested, just a little sinus drainage, annoying but not a big deal.

By yesterday afternoon the congestion started coming in.

It’s been a little over 2 hours since my last dose of Sudafed, 6 hours since I took a Mucinex and now my ears are so clogged they’re starting to itch.

Otherwise, I feel fine.

Except for the part where I don’t remember the last time I had “just a cold” that didn’t turn into “just a sinus infection”.

Can you talk yourself into having a sinus infection because I seriously think I’m heading in that direction.

So I’m trying to drink a lot of fluids but so far all it’s done is increase the number of trips I make to the bathroom in a day, which was probably already on the high side.

Did I mention I love the webmd symptom checker? I selected nose and then difficulty breathing through nose (one side only), nasal congestion, pain or discomfort (pressure, mild), and the item at the top of the list is “foreign object in the nose”. Like I’m not going to notice if I have a foreign object lodged in my nose?! Seriously..

Also, bought some sudafed this afternoon. The real kind that you have to get from behind the pharmacy counter. The guy at the pharmacy actually had to flip back through several pages containing lists of names and addresses and signatures to make sure that I had not previously purchased sudafed there this month. Obviously they’re very high tech at the Harris Teeter.

Stupid Lights

When Nate and I first moved into the house we changed out most of the lights because they were those generic white mushroom looking lights. We replaced most of them with a brushed nickel dome type light that we bought from Lowes, so that almost all of the lights in the house would match.

Did you notice the part where I keep saying “almost” and “most of” instead of “all of”? Yeah, I noticed too.

So far there has been one light we have not yet replaced. It is on a very high ceiling that our 6 foot ladder could not come close to reaching. We had planned on replacing this light when we rented the ladder to replace the Ugliest Fan Ever that resides in our living room. Recently, however, we aquired some very tall ladders from my parents. Ladders that will reach the spot where this light is (although it will not reach the spot where the Ugliest Fan Ever is).

Over the weekend on one of our 5,239 trips to Lowes we decided to just go ahead and grab that final light to put up. Only they didn’t have any. Not only did they not have any but the display was marked with a big clearance sticker at $2.97 for the light whick leads me to believe they will not be getting any more.

I know, I know. Not a big deal right? I’m bound to be able to find this light somewhere else, like the Internet. Except the Internet does not seem to have this light either. I’ve found it in one place on ebay, and Lowes online doesn’t have it anywhere. Seriously. I even checked Kentucky in case I could order it there and make Nate’s brother pick it up and mail it to us. (Because yes, that seemed like a reasonable idea and no, I’m not crazy, why do you ask?) But they don’t have it either.

Not cool.

So tonight’s plan was to go to a local light shop that carries that brand and if that failed I’d be calling Lowes and begging for them to let me buy their display light because it seriously might drive me nuts to know that we have that ONE STUPID LIGHT that does not match and NEVER WILL and I do NOT want to have to replace EVERY SINGLE LIGHT AGAIN, but don’t think that thought hasn’t crossed my mind either.

Yeah, so Plan A failed (on a technicality really, they closed at 5 and we pulled up at 5:15. Whoops). On to Plan B. I looked the item up online and then called Lowes. When I gave the guy the item number, told him they were out over the weekend and asked if I could just please buy the display he said “Well, we have 12 in stock, but you can buy the display if you want.” Umm. Wow?

Long story short, I immediately dragged Nate out to Lowes where we paid $3.18 for the final light.

The moral of the story? I really need to get a life or something.