The Simple Bathroom Repair that Would Not Die

Or, Re-Caulking the Bottom of My Shower Door: Part 4.

I wish I was kidding. It seemed like such an easy fix. When we moved in the caulk was moldy and gross, as shower door caulk tends to get, and we figured we’d replace it eventually. A couple of days later I noticed water dripping from the corner of the door down onto the floor. Judging by the look of the caulk I’m guessing at some point someone had already re-caulked it, and apparently “actual waterproof seal” wasn’t very high on their list of requirements for the finished job. So we knew eventually we would replace it.

Finally, over a year later as the Thanksgiving holiday approached we decided this was the perfect time. A long weekend to give the door time to air out and give the new caulk time to dry so Nate wouldn’t have to use the shower right next to where Harper sleeps in the morning and risk waking her up really early. So on Thursday morning I stripped the caulk (Happy Thanksgiving! We didn’t celebrate til Friday, but that was for a whole different Harper illness thing), and did my best to dry the area. Saturday morning I re-caulked and the container said wait 36 hours before use so Monday morning Nate took a shower in the newly re-caulked bathroom.

I’m sure you can see where this is going.

The caulk I used turned from white to clear when it was dry. The one clear caulk was now mostly white again. I was frustrated, but whatever. Next time we’ll give it a few more days to dry and so I stripped it again, let it dry out for a couple of days and then caulked again.  This time we waited 5 days for it to dry. Well after all of the clear had turned white Nate finally (and happily) showered in the bathroom and when I went in later that morning once again the caulk was white. This time I was pretty pissed.

I stripped the caulk again and emailed a handy man who had done this work for us before and asked if he was available to come do it (he was not) or if he would offer pointers (he would). He said to make sure to use silicone caulk which to tell you the truth I had already heard and thought I was using but when I checked the caulk it said nothing about being silicone. It said “bathroom” and “tub” and “shower” and “fast dry” and stuff like that, but nothing about the type of caulk.

So I scoured the garage and found some silicone caulk and rejoiced and waited another 2 days to make sure the shower was dry and I caulked again. And the next day the caulk was still wet, and turning yellow even though it said shower ready within 8 hours this was most definitely not shower ready. I went to look at the caulk to see if there was a date on it and guess what. THERE WAS!

It was Dec 2012.

I laughed.

And then I stripped the caulk again and bleached and scrubbed the area and dried it with a blow dryer and went off to buy more silicone caulk and HOLY CRAP if this doesn’t with this time I swear I’m going to burn down my bathroom and start over because I have had it.

So everyone please hold my shower (and my sanity) in your thoughts as I wait another 2 or so days for it to dry out before I attempt to caulk it for the third time.

At this point I feel like I’m practically a pro.

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