Toddler Talk

This is from a million years ago. I always planned to add to it but never managed. I wanted to publish it such as it is because I was so tickled to read it. From July of 2013!

Jack: MOM! I’m a pizza!
Me: A pizza?
Jack: Mom, you will cook me the pizza and Harper… Harper will put dough on me the pizza!

Jack: Uncle Matt is at his house. (Nate was on the phone with Uncle Matt)
Me: Yes.
Jack: Are Molly and Mareyna there too? (His cousins)
Me: Yes. We’re going to go visit them in March, won’t that be fun?
Jack: Do they have a play room?
Me: Yes.
Jack: Is it upstairs or downstairs?
Me: It’s downstairs. They don’t have an upstairs, isn’t that neat?
Jack: … Do they have an outside?