A Milk Protein Allergy

So I guess as a third baby trying to distinguish himself as a unique person and not a smaller version of his brother or sister, Zane has a milk protein allergy. It started with a little streak of blood in his poop where I was told not to worry unless it happened again within the next few days. And so i hoped it was a fluke but apparently it was not.

The first doctor I saw (not my kids’ regular doctor) suggested I try him on formula for a few weeks while pumping to make sure that was the problem, but I have had a terrible relationship with the pump in the past and was afraid to dry up my milk. Zane is a huge baby, like 85th percentile weight, so obviously the allergy wasn’t stopping him from growing, but after having cut dairy from my diet it seems like it has improved his digestive health. I would even go so far as to say improved our night time sleep. Except for the last few nights with another hiccup or two he’s spent the last few weeks after the elimination waking up one time between his 9ish feeding and 7am. I mean it was a damn Christmas miracle (until 2 nights ago, we’ve been back to 2 wake ups and occasional in between fussing). So given the fact that it’s cold and flu season I’ve been pretty determined to eliminate dairy and keep nursing. Also given his stubborn refusal to sleep through the night I’ll be damned if I’m mixing bottles in the middle of the night. I’ll reconsider at 6 months probably but for now I’m surviving without dairy, but just barely. Sadly it’s in everything. Thank goodness milk is now listed under allergens on most food things.

I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but man is it hard! I’ve been planning my first day back on dairy. Dreaming even. Bagel with cream cheese, maybe a chocolate chip muffin. Coffee with creamer, regular or non dairy (wtf non dairy creamer, why must you have dairy??). Pizza! Holy cow the pizza. And cookies and brownies and chocolate and Doritos. At some point our regular doc suggested I try some dairy and see how he does. I freaking can’t wait.

In the mean time I’ve been using vanilla almond milk in my cereal, French vanilla coconut creamer in my coffee, vegan buttery spread (which made my snickerdoodles smell and taste oddly fishy) and I even tried almond mozzarella cheese which I seriously do not recommend. I was desperate for pizza but I will go heavy on the toppings and cheeseless in the future! I’m glad being a vegan is so in right now.

I also find myself googling fast food ingredients to see what’s safe because I know I won’t be able to avoid it for a whole year although it has forced me to cut back which isn’t all bad.

In summary, I miss dairy and it’s a good thing this guy is so cute!


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