Baby Number 3

At my last doctor appointment before Zane was born I was already almost 4cm dilated. At my last ultrasound he measured in the 75th percentile and was estimated to be 8.5ish lbs by the time my due date arrived. Given this information my doctor planned to break my water after my next appointment assuming my platelet count was still up. I had been taking prednisone for 2.5 weeks to boost them since I have pregnancy induced ITP, where my body attacks my platelets while I’m pregnant. Not sure why, but the same thing happed with all 3 of my pregnancies. The platelet count is important if you want an epidural.  Normal platelet count is between 150-400 and when I started steroids mine were 80. In order to have a spinal at the hospital you need a count of 100. After having the babies my count went back up just fine.

So my labor started around 1:30am on a Monday morning. I had some contractions in the evening before bed, but when I went upstairs and got in bed they stopped so I assumed it was false labor. I was actually pretty sure the 1:30am contractions weren’t real too until it was like 3am and I was still having them and I couldn’t get back to sleep. I started thinking maybe I couldn’t sleep because I was in labor, but was that even possible? I mean with Jack my contractions came every 3 minutes practically from the start and with Harper my water broke and my contractions started 15 minutes later and were 3 minutes apart. This time they started at 12 minutes apart and moved to 10 minutes apart while I was trying to decide if this was real. Is this what regular labor is like??

So by about 4:30 I decided this was indeed the real thing and I called my doctor and spoke with the midwife on call who said it was up to me whether to head in to the hospital or stay home til the contractions were closer together. Given my previous super fast labor we thought it would be better to go in than to wait at home in case something happened and things started moving faster. So we called my mom and while we waited for her we showered and got ready to go.

I think we checked in around 5:30am? The nurse that checked me said she wasn’t sure if the doctor would want to keep me in or not since I hadn’t made a lot of progress from my last doctor appointment and my contractions were still 10 minutes apart, but I thought we stood a chance since we had planned to break my water on Wed anyways. My last platelet count had been 125 so I was feeling pretty good about how this would turn out. The results of my first blood test came back at 96. What?? So my doctor said they would recheck me in an hour and see how things were going. My next test came back at 84. My contractions were still about 8-9 minutes apart so I was given 2 choices. 1 – we could hook me up to the IV (I had to have 2 penicillin bags since I was group b strep positive) and then break my water and get this party started knowing I could not have an epidural… 2 – we could go home and hang out and wait for the contractions to speed up on their own and hope for a platelet miracle. We decided a platelet miracle was highly unlikely considering the current downward trend so we opted for breaking my water.

They hooked in my IV and my labor actually even slowed down for a little while which was good because it allowed me to nap a little in the room. By noon the doctor broke my water and I decided to sit and labor on the yoga ball for a little while. I had never done that before, the extremely nice nurse recommended it so why not! It was an interesting and apparently effective choice. The nurse said she would come back and check me at 2:30 and then she left. It was just me and Nate alone in the room which was weird because I swear I don’t remember that happening in either previous labors. By about 2 I started feeling a little like I should push so I paged the nurse who checked me and said I was 7cm. So 3cm in 2hrs, I was on a roll! The nurse suggested I get on the bed on all fours so to speak, to finish my labor. She had to leave the room for a minute but would help me when she got back. By now labor was pretty hard and my contractions were right on top of each other. When she got back and tried to flip me it felt… Different? And not in a good way! So she rechecked and I was ready to push. Holy crap and thank goodness because I was beyond ready to be done with labor at that point! That shit hurt and I was getting no down time in between.  My poor doctor ran into the room, suited up and suddenly it seemed like there were 500 people in the room with us. By 2:17 this baby was born, with the assistance of suction because his head was big and as we soon found out his arm was up, so he came out head and hand first. Thanks, kid!

He wasn’t even that much heavier than Harper but his head was a good 2-3 inches bigger (yikes) and if we didn’t already plan on him being the last kid let me tell you that labor and my platelet situation would have sealed the deal! He was 8lb 5oz and 21in long and somehow he was like a little clone of Jack when he was a baby. He doesn’t look anything like him any more which is funny but he sure did at the hospital!


Welcome to the world baby Zane!

In hindsight I totally would have loved an epidural but apparently it was very not meant to be.