Third Try’s a Charm!

In Feb 2008 Nate and I moved into a fabulous house in Apex, NC. It was big, it was pretty, it seemed like the last house we would ever need to live in and since it was next to an undeveloped commercial lot we felt like we got a pretty good deal on it.

In 2010 after Jack was born we started thinking maybe not. It was still a great house but the yard was crazy small and it would be nice to have a bigger yard and maybe be in a neighborhood with a pool and other fun kid things, so we put the house on the market for the first time.  Jack was a very little baby, we had very few lookers and gave up after a few months.

In 2012 Harper was born and we repeated the process with similar results. Apparently the empty lot next door which really never bothered us much was a deal breaker for a lot of people. So once again we took the house back off the market figuring if we were going to be stuck in a house it was a pretty great house to be stuck in.

Fast forward to 2014 and we were pregnant with baby 3 and everywhere you looked there were news stories about the real estate market and how there were more buyers than houses and what a great time it was to sell your house and so we talked to our very patient realtor and went back on the market. Holy cow those news articles were right! We maybe averaged one showing a week the first two times we tried to sell the house and this time it was at least 3-5? I think it took us 1.5 months or so, about 50 showings total to sell the house, but we actually managed to sell it! And then came the hard part.. finding a house to buy!

That doesn’t seem like it would be the hard part, right? Seems like it should be the fun part but man it was hard. I wish I had kept a count of how many we looked at.. maybe 20? Some good, some bad, some astoundingly awful. In the end we put offers on 3 houses total before one stuck. The first house the people weren’t willing to negotiate much and we felt they were over priced so we sadly walked away. (They wound up selling like two months later for less than what we offered so we weren’t the only ones thinking they were over priced!) The second house was a new build and we submitted a competing offer and lost, and the third house was one we walked through the first time and said ‘too much work!’ and almost didn’t go back to. Fortunately we were getting pretty desperate so we gave it a second chance and chose to see the potential over the amount of work, all of which was/is cosmetic.

And then we moved! I was 6 months pregnant by then so I wasn’t the most helpful mover in the world, but we managed and I have to say it’s pretty fabulous at the new house! Great house, huge yard awesome family friendly neighborhood. We really lucked out. 

Plus the house has enough future home improvement potential that we should be able to find fun projects to keep us busy, in case we ever get bored or find ourselves with free time with 3 kids. We’ll see. 🙂 We’ve already tackled several projects and I’m making a list of a ton more for.. some day!

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