I Went to Target at 8:30 on Christmas Eve

In my defense, I had my Christmas shopping done before December. With the exception of a few things I spontaneously purchased after.. my major shopping was DONE! I was extremely proud of myself.

Flash forward to Christmas Eve.

After going to my parents’ house for dinner and gifts we got home, fed the pets, tucked the kids into bed and got to work on Santa-ing and assembling. My job was to pack up some old toys to make room to unpack the new toys upstairs and assemble the crock pot breakfast casserole (which was much better than a previous one I made, but still in my opinion no comparison to a regular one). Nate’s job was to assemble the scooters. Harper’s scooter went together without a hitch but then when Nate opened the box for Jack’s we were in for a surprise. A surprise in that it was obviously a used scooter. Like, parts out of packaging, and major wear on the wheels. I was so disappointed! It was 8:30 on Christmas Eve and I will DEFINITELY check packaging from now on when I buy something.

So off to Target I went to hopefully trade it out for an actual new scooter that Jack would probably never notice the difference on, but WE NOTICED. Nate said Target was open til 9 but I thought surely no one would be there at 8:30 on Christmas Eve. I should have known better. I noticed the Walgreens down the street from my house was PACKED, but somehow did not equate that to Target also being pretty dang busy. And it certainly was. Fortunately while everyone and their brother was pushing around shopping carts of stuff and there were a million check out lines open, the customer service area was empty. I was completely convinced they would be sold out on Christmas Eve but they had 6 in stock and I managed to get in, and out, and back home within about 15 minutes. I think that’s a new record for me at a Target!

So thank you, Target, for being open late Christmas Eve, even though the only reason I needed you to be open late Christmas Eve is because you put stuff back out on the shelf without checking it out first! If you’re going to resell used stuff, at least mark it used and maybe consider discounting it too. No one wants to be surprised by a used scooter for their kid on Christmas Eve.