Hey Look, it’s Winter!

So, funny story. I just was checking on unpublished posts and I found one called “Hey Look, it’s Fall!” Only it’s really practically winter so I guess I missed the boat on that one, huh? At least we’re rolling back around to the new year now so I can attempt another “Will Blog More” news years resolution, because that obviously worked out really well for me last year. At least I did stick to my other resolution to exercise more!

Back to my point, which was sort of winter. Today is Jack’s first cough and sniffles of the season. I’m frankly shocked since he’s in preschool two days a week now and they both do other activities around other kids who presumably have germs. It seemed like illness was holding out a really long time this year, but I was too afraid to say it out loud and jinx myself. Then I actually thought about it and realized that they had plenty of viruses over the summer to make up for missing a few in early winter.

So I did a search and made him a hot honey and lemon drink for his cough and he was SUPER excited about it until it was ready to drink. I tried it, it was actually really good and he won’t touch it. I feel like I’ve been duped! I opened the NC Honey bear we got from the fair and used the last of my lemon juice and he said he feels fine. Which he probably does because he has no fever, but can’t he at least try it??