Summer Fun (aka, Living at the Park)

Jack finished preschool a couple of weeks ago and all other regularly scheduled local activities have shut down to make way for summer camps, so we’ve been spending a lot of time at the various parks in the area. Also, I finally caved and bought a double jog stroller (which I tried jogging with and they should really call them “walk strollers” because anyone who can jog while pushing 55lbs of kid in a 30lb stroller must be WAY more fit than I am. Maybe someday, but until then we walk and I dread hills, both the ups and downs).

So today’s itinerary was similar to most of our morning summer plans, “let’s go to the park and take a walk on the greenway then play til we have to go home for lunch.”

We had never walked on this greenway before, so it was all new. I had been told it crossed the highway and before too long we were there!


Overlooking the highway, the kids were fascinated but man was it loud!


Then a funny thing happened on our walk… we found another park! Of course we had to stop and play for a little while. Then we headed back. Total we only managed 1.3 miles instead of the 2 I had hoped for, but we had to be back to the main park in time to meet GiGi and I didn’t want to miss a chance for them to play at this fun little park, so we cut our walk short.


GiGi met us back at the park around 10 and Harper enjoyed climbing into and out of the stroller (among other things).


A good portion of our park time was spent playing in the sand box. Although there was a field trip of some sort to the park which left some areas completely overrun by bigger kids, this corner of the park was sparsely populated so Jack felt safe getting out his sand toys (which he sometimes prefers to leave in the car so he can avoid sharing them).

Finally at 11:15 we decided to call it a day (plus it started sprinkling and due to the tropical storm out there it’s only going to get worse). And home we went. We drove through McDonald’s on the way home to pick up lunch, as I’ve found passing fries to the baby is a good way to keep her awake in the car.. alas we lost her about 3 minutes away from home. Since I’m a mean mommy I woke her up, fed her lunch and made her play til nap time anyways and now I’m just crossing my fingers that it won’t hurt her nap any in the long run.