(Almost) Meatless Monday?

So we keep hearing on the news about how everyone should try Meatless Monday and blah blah healthy etc etc and finally we’ve caved to the peer pressure and as of today I’m rolling out Meatless Monday at my house. We’re starting super easy with veggie burgers, but hopefully I won’t wind up stuck in that rut. Lucky for me, my uncle is a vegetarian so I’ve put out an email to him to start sending me recipes and due to my extreme Google talent I have learned there is a WHOLE FREAKING WEBSITE dedicated to Meatless Mondays so I’m sure they have a few suggestions there too. (Holy run-on sentences. I considered fixing them, but maybe next time.)


I’m guessing Jack will not be 100% on board with this whole thing because he’s 3. I’m cool with that though because really he’s only fully on board with dinner probably a couple nights a week so it won’t be anything new. Harper, on the other hand, is still in that nice phase where she eats pretty much everything we put in front of her. (Aside: When Jack was little I thought he was SUCH A GOOD EATER. I mean man that kid ate anything and I was so relieved I had avoided that picky eater (which I totally was and then some) and I think you can see where I’m going with this. Slowly he stopped eating things he used to love and now here we are. Whatever.)

So if anyone has any vegetarian meals that they love and want to share with me, please do! Especially if you have a small person that also likes to eat that food.

UPDATE: The veggie burgers were actually pretty good. Both kids ate them fairly well. They were also kind of small so Nate had a turkey hotdog in addition to his burger, and next time I’ll know to make him 2. Jack also had a turkey hot dog because we had one leftover in the fridge and he only had half a burger because I underestimated how much people would eat. Next time it will be Completely Meatless Monday I hope!