I Just Spent 20 Minutes Looking for the Monitor

Both kids are napping. I put Jack down at 1:20 and Harper down at 1:45 and then I did some dishes left over for lunch and then I went to find the baby monitor and realized I had no clue where it was. The last thing I remember about it I had just taken it away from Harper. She was wandering around the kitchen with it pushing buttons and I’d prefer it did not break. So of course the problem was I could no longer remember the super safe place that I put it so that she could no longer get it (that kid is getting tall).

Here are some of the places I looked:

  • Kitchen (on all surfaces)
  • Living room (also all surfaces)
  • Foyer (all surfaces, under things too)
  • Upstairs bathroom
  • Downstairs bathroom (in all doors and drawers)
  • Upstairs playroom
  • Downstairs playroom (formerly the dining room)
  • Master bedroom (on dressers, under the bed)
  • Master closet (on shelves, under laundry on the floor, in the laundry basket)
  • I snuck into both kids’ rooms after they were alseep just in case

This is where I started wondering about the part where I “put it somewhere safe” and started to consider maybe I had put it “somewhere” and then maybe I got distracted. Did actually even I take it away from her? I’m pretty sure I did. I think.

So then I checked the pantry. (I once found my cellphone in the pantry on the snack shelf. I didn’t even know it was missing at the time.)


Was it on a shelf, the snack shelf maybe? No way!

It was on the floor.

Turned on.

Not actually monitoring either of my children though because I would have been able to hear one of the noise makers from their rooms and that would have been too easy. So she managed to turn it to a channel that we don’t have a camera on. (We have 3 cameras, 1 in Harper’s room and 2 in Jack’s room. 1 camera monitors his bed, one catches the area in front of his bed including his door so we can watch him when he’s in time out and make sure he isn’t destroying things).

Will my brain ever work well again? I’m starting to have doubts.