Well, Now the Freezer has been Defrosted…

Today Nate came in and told me that our chest freezer in the garage was turned off.

Umm, what?

Wednesday night I got some veggies out of the freezer to use for dinner and everything was cool. That was the last time I can remember getting anything out of the freezer. Apparently sometimes between then and today the outlet had tripped and needed to be reset and we didn’t notice so the freezer was more like a fridge and a lot of things had thawed out. Fortunately, not everything had thawed out, and everything was still really cold, just not frozen any more. So some things were tossed, some things were moved to the inside freezer and we’re having chicken BBQ tonight because it was the first thing that came to mind to do with the chicken breasts that were now thawed.

The good news? We had been meaning to defrost that freezer for ever now. There was thick ice building up on the side and it thawed enough that the ice fell off the side (but did not thaw, just became unattached which made it super easy to clear out).

I’m bummed about some of the stuff I had to toss, but I’m glad some of it was salvageable, and now I don’t have to figure out how to squeeze it all into the inside freezer to get it cleaned out!

So now I need to train myself to look for the light on the freezer when I come into the house from my car so that we can avoid this happening again. How sad!