Holy Cow, I Still have a Blog?

I keep meaning to post. I think of things all the time to post about, and then it’s nap time and I come to the computer and my brain is empty and I stare at the screen and think “it will come back to me later.” Except it doesn’t. Surprise!

So yesterday I started uploading some Christmas pictures to Flickr and realized that I hadn’t even uploaded the beach trip pictures to Flickr and that was back in SEPTEMBER! When my sister got married.. and I have not uploaded any pictures since then. What the what?! So I’ve been uploading. As of now they’re all uploaded (and private) and my goal for today is to get them sorted into sets. They’re in a ridiculous order in my photostream, but I don’t think I can resort that so it is what it is!

One of my New Years resolutions was to blog more.  My other one was to exercise more. I’m happy to say I am exercising more. (which means I’m exercising, period. more than none at least, but maybe not quite as much as I would like. still trying to get into the rhythm of it.)

So here I am, and it’s less than 2 weeks away from Jack’s third birthday and just over a month away from Harper’s first birthday and I can hardly believe it. Maybe I should do one of those posts that talks about all the milestones the kids are hitting or something. Maybe?

And now I have to go take a shower and brush my teeth because I’m running out of “first nap” time!