Does Anyone Watch Dexter?

Did anyone see that last Dexter? Anyone?

Does anyone actually think Hannah poisoned Deb? I really want to know. I’m SO bummed that it happened, but if Deb poisoned herself like I think she did (I’m not afraid to admit I’ve been wrong before, but this just seems SO … it has to be, right?) then she’s ballsier and more devious than I previously gave her credit for. I’m so impressed and it kind of makes me hate her at the same time.

On the other hand I almost hope I’m wrong because I don’t want Dexter to have turned in Hannah for something she didn’t do (as opposed to the things she did do that he didn’t mind she did).

So for the first time since I started watching Homeland last year, I’m actually just as excited about the next (and last) episode of Dexter as I am about the Homeland finale! Frankly, I’m shocked.