Time Changing the Baby(s)

So people with kids… what is your strategy with time change? The first time the time change mattered to us with Jack was when he was about 9 months old and we were “falling back” in 2010. Fortunately he was already on a schedule and we decided to just move him slowly, so 4 weeks ahead of time we bumped him back 15 minutes at a time. I think last year we took a similar approach only we did it a week out instead of a month. This year we sort of fell into it when on the same day both of the kids magically slept in til 8:10 and 8:20 and I decided DONE!

So I’ve been putting Harper down at like 8:40ish and Jack down around 8:55-9ish and I consider their schedule moved and now I can’t wait for the time to change so I can go ahead and start thinking in normal times and not “well it’s 1 so it would be 12 so we should have lunch” type of things.

But I’m curious about how other parents handle the time change in case there’s a better way and I’m missing it! (Going the other way is easier to me.. just put them to bed earlier and wake them up earlier a few times). And also when they’re older I don’t see myself putting this much effort into it, only since their sleep schedules still seem so delicate sometimes!

One thought on “Time Changing the Baby(s)

  1. Dotty

    Now that A. is 5, I don’t think about it anymore. And, I can’t even remember what I did when she was a baby/toddler! That was extremely helpful, right? 🙂


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