My First Day Off

Today Jack had preschool this morning and GiGi picked up Harper for the day for the first time. (She will continue to take Harper every other Monday for most of the day).

To celebrate I…

  • Drove to the Carter’s outlet (20 minutes away) to buy a few things
  • Made Harper’s appointment to get her flu shot
  • Called in a refill for my prescription finally
  • Cleaned the whole house
  • Ordered pictures from the kids last picture session

Hmm,  that sounded more impressive in my head. Maybe I should have broken out the “cleaned the whole house” part. Oh well, maybe next time.

The good news is that I finished everything I needed to just in time for Jack to wake up from his nap! Which means I should really stop typing and probably go get him out of his crib or something.

And also it’s really strange not having the baby here. It was good to get things done but I can’t wait to get her back!