Preschool was a total success. Nate worked from home in the morning so we could both walk him into class. They had a baby gate in the doorway to keep the kids in and once he was lifted over the gate, he walked away and didn’t look back! We gave his bag to the teacher, waited a minute to try to say goodbye, and then gave up.


At 11:35 I was in line at Target wondering if I had pushed my luck with timing since he needs to be picked up by 11:45, but I made it at 11:43 and he didn’t even seem to care. Kids parents were lined up down the hall and they were handing the kids over one at a time. Jack wasn’t even one of the kids crowding the door to see whose parents were there! After 2 kids left he came over to look. When he saw me he said “Mom, can you get you out?” but wasn’t overly excited or relieved to see me. I think Monday I’ll try to drop him off at carpool and see how that goes! People have asked if he talked about it at all after class, but he didn’t. He answers questions “what did you do? what did you play with? what was your snack, did you have fun?” and stuff like that, but he never brought it up on his own. All we have to do now is cross our fingers to get into the Tuesday/Thursday class!


* The fantastic sign is from Less Ordinary Designs