My Baby is 6 Months Old.

As of yesterday, my baby is 6 months old. How did that happen?! I mean I distinctly remember rocking her at 2am willing her to GO BACK TO SLEEP ALREADY IT IS NOT TIME TO PLAY WHEN WILL THIS END! like it was yesterday. At the time it didn’t seem like she’d ever hit 6 months old, and here we are.

So at 6 months Harper is 10th percentile in height and 25th in weight. No surprise there. Jack was 50% across the board which made him 3lbs heavier and 2 inches longer than she is. Hard to believe. I look at her and think she’s gotten SO BIG! Jack must have seemed like a little beast.

Both were sitting, and crawling, sleeping through the night. About once a month  til he was 7 months old Jack would decide he needed to eat in the middle of the night, but Harper has had no such problem. Probably a growth spurt thing. In my memory Jack was on his way to a solid nap schedule, but Harper is pretty variable. With Jack I kept meticulous records, when he ate, when he slept and attempted to make some sort of schedule out of them. With Harper I did not until she dropped her 4th nap and her whole sort of schedule went to hell in a hand basket. Now we keep sleep notes, but I’m much more lenient about the feeding part. She’s not going to let herself starve and so far I usually remember to feed her pretty close to a schedule, although sometimes I’m surprised to see that it’s like 20 minutes past when she was due to eat and I’m just like why didn’t you tell me?

Her early mobility has been challenging for Jack. She’s definitely been practicing her “annoying little sister” routine in that everything Jack is playing with, she wants it. If Jack stops playing with something because she has crawled over and is now touching it then she will follow him to whatever he moves to play with. As one might imagine this does not sit well with the toddler and we frequently hear “HARPER! No sir, Harper! Don’t get your truck (block, toes, insert anything here).” When this happens I try to do a few things. Number 1, Harper is a ma’am, not a sir. Sometimes he remembers. Number 2, maybe Harper would like a baby toy to play with instead? (She would not). So Jack will go look for a baby toy to give to her and usually forgets how freaked out he was by her proximity to his truck/block/book/blankie/general being. Number 3, I remind him we have to share. He says “no sharing” so often lately that it makes me borderline crazy. I have to keep telling myself that no matter how mature he seems (and sometimes he really does) that he is only 2(.5) and he’ll get there. Hopefully he’ll get there before his sister hits this phase so I’ll have a little break in between.