Things I Learned the Hard Way

So I was looking back at unpublished posts because I’m too lazy to do anything new and this one made me smile. This one is from freaking 2007, holy smokes! So it includes nothing baby related. You’re welcome.

  • Oil based paint does not wash off the paint brush the same way the latex paint does. It doesn’t wash off your hands or the sink the same way either (I remember this one very clearly. I had to go borrow mineral spirits from my parents’ at like 8 at night to get the paint off of me).
  • When noticing that the lid to the washing machine was left open when you started laundry 30 minutes ago, so it’s now full of water but not running, be sure to check that you actually put the clothes into the machine before closing the lid and running the washer. Otherwise you’ll just wind up with a very clean washing machine. (Sadly, I learned this lesson more than once).
  • Belt loops are not handles. If you’re having trouble getting your pants up over your butt, try harder, but seriously.. belt loops are NOT handles.. (This one too.. more than once. Possibly more than twice).
  • Do not put more ziplocks full of chicken than will easily fit into one cubby in the freezer. When it freezes you will not be able to get them out. Seriously. Stick to shelves. Those little door cubby things are NOT GOOD.
  • If you think you’re sore after doing yard work, wait til the next day. It just gets better!

P.S. OK, one small child related item. My baby is 5 months old today. I’m SO CLOSE to good day time sleep I can almost taste it. Unless she’s completely different than her brother (which of course she will be) in which case I’m sure good sleep will sneak up on me again and I can’t wait for the day when I’m like “huh, she actually seems to be on a schedule now, how about that!” because it will be AWESOME!