I Keep Telling Myself it’s Just a Phase

But I haven’t quite got myself convinced yet.

Before Saturday morning Harper went down for her morning nap and put herself to sleep probably 4 days out of 5 without me having to rock her all the way to sleep. Then she slept for an hour to an hour and twenty minutes. It was good. Her other naps usually followed 1.5-1.75hrs after she woke up and I could usually rock her to sleep within 5 minutes and drop her off in the crib to sleep for the next 30 minutes to an hour depending on which nap it was.

Then came Saturday. I don’t know what happened but she could not get herself to sleep and she was MAD. So I rocked her. She napped for an hour and then her second nap was about 45 minutes and then her following naps were not great.

Fine, we had a bad day.

Sunday! First nap I had to rock her all the way to sleep and she slept for 45 minutes. Second nap… she screamed hysterically while I rocked her and after 10 minutes I gave up. We tried again a few times and finally when I nursed her she slept for about 10 minutes after that but that was it. That pretty much kept up all day until 5 when she slept for about 40 minutes in her crib and then THANK GOD she went to sleep like usual around 8:15, I fed her one more time at 9:15 and she was out for the night.

Monday was a little better than Tuesday. Still a 45 minute first nap, but she did take a second and third nap (both about 20-30 minutes, one in a swing and one in a car).

I feel like Jack went through a similar phase. Sometimes the pacifier helps, sometimes it doesn’t. I hate to give it to her because she almost NEVER wanted it before, why start now, but man sometimes you just do what you have to do!

So I’ve crossed my fingers and I’m hoping this is a “welcome to 4 months old!” phase and that after a week or so she’ll go back to normal because we all need for her to nap, and 10 minutes each time she nurses is SO not a nap.