You* Love Sprite!

… and other funny things my toddler has said this week.

Scene: Meg was visiting on Monday and her cup was sitting on the end table in the living room. He picked it up and drank from it and then made a surprised face. Meg started laughing at him.
Meg: Was that good? That was sprite! (he obviously assumed it was water and BOY was he surprised when it wasn’t).
Jack: (eyes wide) You* love sprite! (I’ve never let him have sprite before).
Meg: Yeah, it’s yummy, huh?
Jack: You loooove sprite!

Scene: The weeping fig tree in the kitchen. There are rocks in the pot to keep the cats from digging in the dirt. He has about 3 trucks sitting in the rocks.
Jack: You are very busy. You have lots of thingies to do!

Scene: Harper is going down for her nap. She wouldn’t settle so I was rocking her to sleep and Jack came up to sit on the rocking chair with us.
Jack: (whispering LOUDLY) Harper is trying to go to sleep!
Me: (whispering quietly) Shhh, yes she is!
Jack: (whispering more quietly) Harper is trying to sleep!
Me: (still whispering) mmhmmm…
Jack: (whispering loudly again) Harper is trying to sleep!

Scene: Harper just woke up from a nap so we went into her room to get her out of her crib.
Jack: HI HARPER! That was a good big girl nap, Harper! (no idea where he got that).

Also, have we all seen those commercials for that DVR system thing, the hopper? Where it’s repeated by people with Boston accents and it sounds like “ha-puh”? That is how Jack says Harper.

*He is you. Sometimes he is also “me” and “I” but mostly he is still “you” when he’s talking about himself.