Today I was Rude to a Telemarketer

And I actually still feel bad about it!

When she told me who she was calling from (some charity from Arizona) I started to tell her no and to take my name of her list, but then she just started her bit about blahbity blah completely ignoring me. It sounded like a recording. I was so sure that once they realized they had a live person she just pushed play on some recording so she wouldn’t have to say it all herself that I said “Are you even listening to me?” and she stopped and said she’d take me off the list and hung up.

So maybe it wasn’t a recording. And I feel bad for being so snappy, but HOLY COW! No means no, not “please tell me more because if you pretend I didn’t say no then I’ll totally change my mind and send you money.”

I  hate donating to charities because of this. No one can support all of them, but they just keep coming and wasting their money with those address labels and calendars and stuff like that and if you give to one suddenly 200 are calling you. It makes it hard to want to help sometimes.