A Week of Firsts

Last night Harper laughed for the first time. Nate was putting lotion on her before bed and while she’s been making a laughing face for that, she’s never actually had any sound come out. It was so cute!

This morning, Jack slept til 8:30! I was so excited until I went up to get him out of bed and when I walked into the room the smell almost knocked me over. I was prepared for a super messy diaper. I was not prepared for the dried vomit on his jammies, blankie, and crib sheet. This would be his first vomit-inducing stomach bug.

Who knows when it happened. I mean I didn’t hear a peep out of him all night and knowing how little he likes to be messy if he had been at all awake with that mess in his crib, he’d have been crying for sure. Fortunately since he slept so late (I actually woke him up by going to check on him because I couldn’t believe he was still sleeping) Harper was already on her way down for her nap so I could take my time getting him changed and cleaning up his stuff. We started a load of laundry and I gave him a little water and called my mom to ask about food possibilities.

About 30 minutes later he frantically asked to “mommy hold you!” and then up came all of his water. Oops! Too much, too soon. Lesson learned. I called our pediatrician’s nurse line and left a voicemail. In the mean time I turned to webMD. I found instructions for pedialyte, 1 tbsp every 15 minutes to see if he could hold it down. Since we did not have pedialyte I used water. It was going well for about an hour so I tried some diluted apple juice (the website said I could) and either he drank too much or he just wasn’t ready for it because it all came back up.

Fortunately I had texted my friend Jennifer who was out at story time with her little boy and she was nice enough to drop some pedialyte and crackers off for us. Then I started with 1tbsp of pedialyte every 15 minutes and after an hour the nurse called back and gave me detailed directions for the rest of the day.

I’m happy to report that we’ve had no more vomit, and he’s currently taking a nap! The worst part has definitely been him begging for water or juice or applesauce or something because he’s soooo hungry. It’s so sad and very hard to refuse, but we’re under nurse’s orders and I’m not about to risk making him sick again.

So I knew it would happen eventually, I just never really pictured a stomach bug like this hitting us in the summer time. I’m guessing it came from our trip to the park yesterday, which is a shame, but what can you do? Fortunately Harper has been SO cooperative today, entertaining herself when she has to and taking surprisingly decent naps. I’m sure they won’t last, but I’ll take them while I’ve got them!