Such a Big Boy!

Last weekend Nate and I were taking the kids over to my sister’s house to swim in our neighbohood pool. This required us to bring 2 kids and about 500 bags of stuff. Nate finished loading the bags into my minivan and went to load the kids while I put the do up.

I went out, got in the car and off we went. About 1 minute down the road Jack said “you’re sitting still like a big boy!” So proud of himself. Nate and I looked at eachother. “Did you strap him in?” “No, didn’t you?” “No!”

And I pulled into the next parking lot and fastend him in.


I usually strap him in since his carseat is on my side, but since he was already in his seat when I got out there I assumed Nate had done it.

Thank goodness he couldn’t resist pointing out how good he was being!