Rescheduling the Baby (ha ha ha)

Harper has been on a pretty good feeding schedule for maybe the last month or so now? She started sleeping through the night, I wake her up at 6:45 to feed her before Jack gets up and then she eats every 2.5-3 hours for the rest of the day, usually staying awake for about 1.5 hours before taking a nap for an hour or so, but her nap lengths have been pretty inconsistent.

Then last Friday things changed. Suddenly she wasn’t tired after 1.5 hours, and she stayed up for 2 hours, or 2.5 hours, or over a 4 hour period she would only sleep for like 30 minutes and was happy as a clam. I resisted at first, but finally after Sunday I was like “screw it” because trying to do something contrary to what the baby wants to do is just pointless and I should really have realized that by now. So Monday I set off to change her schedule, hoping to land on the 2-3-4 ish schedule with her because it worked well for Jack (when he was older).

Except that on Monday she was sleepy and took her first nap after 1.5 hours. She then slept for almost 2 hours and then 1.5 hours after that she went back down for another nap that she INSISTED ON TAKING and slept for 40 minutes. Then the rest of the day was like a normal day with her taking shortish naps, 30 minutes to an hour.

FINE. My mom kept Jack over night last night to take him to the Museum of Life and Science today for sheep shearing day. So I could try again today.

This time I let Harper sleep in (she slept til 7:20, it was glorious). I figured if she slept as much as she could possibly want to sleep in the morning it should help her stay awake. (SURPRISE!) I was wrong. 1.5 hours later she was tired. She slept for an hour and 15 minutes and then ate. Then she played for a while and I thought that was what I’d been waiting for! She was going to make it! She played happily, showed no signs of being tired and then after an hour and 45 minutes she hit the wall HARD and took a nap. I’m guessing it will be another cat nap. I officially give up.

These babies, I tell you what! I remember asking the pediatrician with Jack when he would be on a regular schedule. The dr said “usually around 7 months you can set your clock to their nap schedule” and I thought OH MY GOD HE’S ONLY 4 MONTHS OLD! But the doctor was right. Jack settled into a semi-schedule where he would go down for a nap a certain amount of time after waking up from his nap, but he never slept for a consistent amount of time until around 7 months old and then it was magic.

Harper is already a better napper than Jack was at this age so I think we can get there sooner with her, but MAN. I miss being on a real schedule.

I’m hoping I can get her to sleep around 7:30 tonight for “bed” (and then I’ll wake her up to feed her around 9:30 before I go to bed) and if that works out well then I’ll let her sleep as late as she wants in the morning, and try to stick to 7:30 bed time at night (it’s all over the place now) and I’ll call everything else in between a “win” as long as she’s cool with it!