It’s Temporary

Ever since Harper was born I’ve been telling myself it’s all temporary. Both to help me cope with the unfun, and to remind myself to enjoy the sweet moments.

Middle of the night wake ups? Temporary. She’s been sleeping through the night for almost 2 weeks now.

Crazy person no evening sleep cluster feeding from 5-10pm? Temporary. She now eats at 3, 5:30, 7:30 and 9:30 without freaking out in between and actually sleeps some in between now too. (This insanity came with the sleeping through the night).

Sleeping through the night? Temporary! I mean for now it’s great, but I know she’ll hit a growth spurt, and learn a skill (like rolling over) and she’ll wake up and be pissed off and I’ll have to get up at night with her again, but that too will be temporary.

Rocking her to sleep? Temporary. Maybe less temporary than I would like sometimes, but I know I’ll miss those snuggly moments too.

Jack freaking out because WHY ARE WE ROCKING HERE AGAIN, PUT HER IN THE CRIB ALREADY? Hopefully temporary, but I think this one will depend more on her teaching herself to sleep than on him learning to get over it. Poor kid.

Free time while both kids are napping? TEMPORARY! Jack is away and talking to himself in his crib, so I guess I should go get him and also it’s time to start Harper’s evening feeding routine to try to keep ahead of that maniac!