Getting Out of the House

My mom normally takes Jack to the Little Gym on Fridays. Unfortunately she is out of town right now, so I got to take him instead. It was a carefully coreographed morning to get two kids out of the house in order to be there by 10am.

At 6am it was time to wake up! I fed Harper and played with her until 7:30 when she went down for her nap. Fortunately Jack slept til just after she went down. I got him up, changed him and we went downstairs to have breakfast. Then I put him on my bed to watch Thomas while I took a shower. After getting dressed I took Layne out and by then it was 9am and time to feed Harper again. I then got her dressed, loaded the kids into the car and put Layne up.

I think we were like 2 minutes late? Jack had a great time. I carried Harper in the bjorn and she slept the whole time.

A lot of work? Yes! But it was a really fun morning. I need to start taking them out more. It’s never as hard as I’m afraid it will be, it just takes a lot of prep time right now.