The Rest of the Story

My baby is 2 months old today! We had her checkup and things are great! She’s right in the middle of the growth curves and her dr said everything looks great. I asked him if he had any recommendations for getting this baby to take a bottle because literally, one night she took one and one night she refused, and she hasn’t taken one since (like 2-3 weeks) and MAN I would like that kid to take a bottle once in a while! He suggested I try to offer her a bottle between breasts when she was still dazed in eating mode and just keep trying til she gets it. In the mean time if anyone else has any suggestions I am MORE than open to them! Please, advice!

Also, I just noticed that I didn’t post the whole story of Harper’s birth. I’m not entirely sure how that happened because I distinctly remember typing it up, I have no idea where it went. So here’s the rest of this post… And for the record I would like to point out that my water broke around 5:45 and my baby was born at 8:40. Holy crap.

We got to the hospital around 6:15 and checked in. I was definitely in labor at that point but my contractions varied from “hmm, not bad” to “OMG that hurt like crap,” as opposed to being pretty darn painful like they were with Jack.  Plus, holy cow, my water broke! At home! (On my parent’s sofa!) That’s not actually supposed to happen! You’re supposed to go to the hospital and let them break it for you! (Sorry about the sofa..)

Anyways, when we got in the room I pretty much immediately explained to the first nurse (who was apparently not my labor nurse, just someone checking me in) about the steroids and platelets and MY EPIDURAL THAT WAS NOT NEGOTIABLE. She also had to do a test to check to make sure my water had actually broken. She very apologetically told me it would be “uncomfortable” (it was a tab of paper that turned a certain color if it was amniotic fluid. I’ll let you use your imagination about how they had to check. I told her not to sweat it because I didn’t think it would be the most uncomfortable thing happening to me that evening. She agreed and the good news was it was definitely my water breaking.

Then I met my labor nurse who was SO NICE! (The nurse that checked me in was really nice too, but I really liked my labor nurse. Too bad I can’t remember their names.) I quickly explained to her about the epidural as well and she got my bloodwork started so we could get that epidural quickly.

Contractions kept coming, stronger now, although sometimes some were lighter. I wasn’t too worried about it because dammit, my epidural was on its way and then it wouldn’t hurt at all and blah blah blah yay epidural! The best part was that my nurse said they didn’t have to recheck my dilation because they were sure I was in labor and it didn’t matter how far I got before the epidural so extra yay!

Labor was really hurting by then, but my epidural was coming so I kept breathing and I’ll admit, screaming sometimes too because DAMN that hurts.

And then the anesthesiologist came in. I was so happy to see him. What a nice man.

And then they told me I had to sit up and scoot to the edge of the bed to get the epidural and that sounded REALLY hard. So team effort, pregnant woman sat up and scooted to the edge of the bed and OH MY that hurt, and felt kind of weird.

And then my nurse said “does it feel like you have to push?” and I thought about it for a minute and said… yes?

So back down on the bed for a dilation check and GUESS WHAT! 10cm! No epidural for you, it’s time to push! And I’m pretty sure I started swearing at that point because I worked REALLY HARD to be able to have that epidural and IT WAS RIGHT THERE in my room and I was SO CLOSE!

After all that I pushed (and pushed) and 100% pain med free (I didn’t bother with the other pain drugs because the epidural was coming, I figured there was no point!),  and I had that baby.

It was such a different experience. I mean it, it was unreal. My doctor told me the universe must have lined up in my favor that night because everything went so smoothly. I figure (1) if that was true I’d have had an epidural and (2) the universe owed me after Jack’s birth. I’m actually not entirely sure it doesn’t still owe me after that cluster fuck.

So in less than 3 hours from start to finish I had a kid. They say the second labor is half the time of the first and they are NOT kidding. Apparently it’s even shorter if you have a third, but I think I’ll just take their word for it!

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  1. Dotty

    This gives me hope of not having another c-section if I have any more kids. So happy you were able to do it your way (well, errr, minus that much desired epidural). Yay!


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