A Day in the (Early) Life of Two

6:40 – Good morning! Time to wake the baby up! I know, that seems SO WRONG. Why on earth would someone ever wake the baby on purpose?? Because I want to feed the baby before Jack gets up at 7. I hate to feed her after he’s up because then he’s stuck entertaining himself while I’m on the sofa. Just boring for him.

6:45 – Feed the baby. Depending on what time Jack wakes up I may change her too, or if he gets up a little early I may go get him and then finish feeding Harper after I get him out of his crib.

7:15 – Good morning, Jack! Change him and bring him downstairs. Play for a few minutes.

7:40 – Breakfast! Cereal with Jack. He usually has rice krispies.

8:00 – Harper is getting sleepy. Get her ready for her nap. Diaper, book