Parenting Fail!

So this morning I decided to man up (so to speak) and trim Harper’s finger nails. Her hands were getting kind of funky in her mittens and her nails aren’t the weird baby nails any more so I started to trim them.

Guess what! I cut her finger. Two nails to go and I cut her finger. She screamed, but calmed down quickly so hopefully it wasn’t too traumatic for her.

Of course I had to call Nate and tell him what I did. He said “How much finger did you cut off?” and I had to laugh. Dude, if I cut her finger off we’d have been calling from the emergency room or something. It’s just a cut. I just thought it was funny that I said “I cut her finger” and he heard “I cut her finger off!”

It probably doesn’t help that our pediatrician recommended not cutting her nails til she was 2 months old because it was easy to snip a finger (yes, yes it is), and I completely ignored his advice because I already have a kid, I’m totally a pro at this (haha, obviously I’m not). Plus I figure she’ll be 2 months old in like a week and a half and that’s close enough, right??

2 thoughts on “Parenting Fail!

  1. Martha

    OMG the first time I trimmed Sam’s I took a CHUNK out of his finger and he SCREAMED AND SCREAMED. It was the first time I ever heard him cry that like and I was totally traumatized! I’m sure that was way before he was two months old. Now I use little baby scissors instead of the stupid clippers and it’s a lot safer.


  2. Ha ha! I had forgotten all about those days- my “baby” is eight now and the oldest is turning -gulp-thirteen! They totally don’t remember that stuff, so many other things they resent me for since then…


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