Toddlers Say the Funniest Things

So Jack is a very verbal two year old. Very. Since we brought Harper home he has said some extremely funny things and made some very good observations. I just had to share some.

I’ll start with my favorite. “Harper is eating Mommy’s nipple!” We’ve been telling him that Harper is drinking milk, so now he says something to that effect which I think is better than the nipple part, but he’s still pretty fascinated by the whole process.

“She needs a sandwich” said when Harper is crying and Jack asks why and the answer is because she’s hungry.

“Harper needs to get in her crib” when she’s fussy because she’s sleepy. I mean it makes perfect sense. When Jack is sleepy he gets in his crib and goes to sleep, why wouldn’t it be the same for Harper? (For the record I can’t wait until that’s the case, but if she’s anything like Jack she won’t be putting herself to sleep in her crib until she’s at least 4 months or older).

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