Welcome, Harper Elizabeth

And now I have a newborn.

Sunday evening we were at my parents’ house for dinner. I was upstairs with Nate and my dad admiring his new TV and my water broke (around 5:45pm). Or I was pretty sure it broke. I thought there was a chance that maybe I’d just peed a little, but I was pretty sure that wasn’t the case. I hopped up and bagged ass to the bathroom to pee, but the damage was already done!

So I went back, announced my water broke and went downstairs to tell everyone else and to call the doctor. Then off we went to the hospital, sadly before we got to have dinner. Fortunately I had eaten some chips and dip so I wasn’t worried about starving while I was in labor.

My contractions started after my water broke, maybe by 6pm and we were checked into the hospital by around 6:15. Fortunately my parents live really close.

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