Spring in February

Practically all I can think about now is how ready I am for this baby to PLEASE JUST GET OUT ALREADY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. However since the baby seems to have other plans I’ll try to pretend I have other things to talk about.

Like how warm it’s been the past few days. Yesterday we actually went outside to play for a while. Took a short walk around the block and ran around the front yard some. Of course it poured over night so the back yard was like a swamp, but fortunately the front had dried out pretty well.

Playing outside

I’m trying to teach him to pedal the tricycle. He kind of gets it, but since it’s not easy for him right now it’s not really interested. He mostly prefers to push it around.

Then we took a walk around the block to look at all of the cars and trucks on the road because if there’s one thing this kid loves it’s cars and even more than cars, it’s trucks. When we got back he spent about 30 minutes running around the yard. Apparently it’s the little things!


He kept running up onto the tree pine bark and them hugging the tree and hopping back down.

Tree Hugging

Then he would ask me what was wrong with his shoe and we would have to sit down and dump all of the bark out of them.


Just running around the driveway yelling “I’m running!” in case you weren’t sure what it was he was doing.

I know the weather won’t last forever and we’ll be getting a little bit of winter back (thank goodness because I have like NO warm weather maternity clothes right now), but it was pretty awesome  while it lasted. It’s currently like 75 or something outside even though a storm is definitely brewing I have the back door open letting the fresh air in. (Jack is with his GiGi today so I’m trying to “take it easy” which is NOT EASY right now. I want to be doing something. Something productive to help prepare for the baby but literally there is no laundry to do, the house is clean, the nursery is set up, bottles and pacifiers are washed, THERE IS NOTHING TO DO).