Big Tease

I’m having contractions. A lot of them. Every day, multiple times a day, sometimes for 30 minutes or more I’ll have a contraction every 5 minutes like clock work. The problem is THEY’RE ALL FAKE!

Sometimes they actually hurt, but sometimes they’re just uncomfortable. Sometimes they go away if I change positions, but mostly they don’t care. The first time it happened (like 2 weeks ago) I actually thought maybe something was going on. Obviously I was wrong because here I am, having contractions and I can’t even be bothered to time them right now because in addition to them being fake, they’re actually pretty on schedule too. Is that weird? During the day I don’t really notice the time but in the evening (and OVERNIGHT) I can predict fairly accurately when it’s going to happen.

This did not happen to me last time. I only remember having a couple of actual braxton hicks contractions at all, they were certainly never actually anything I would consider false labor.

My doctor asked if I was having contractions and I said YES ALL THE TIME!  Hoping that it meant something. She said “Oh good!” and it means nothing (except that my body is doing exactly what it should do and blah blah blah) but it’s just SO WEIRD to me.

So on that note I’m heading to bed and hopefully they’ll go away by the time I get myself tucked in because I’m really not good at falling asleep while they’re going on (so it makes me sad if they actually wake me up usually around 2ish in the morning. THANKS, body)!

One thought on “Big Tease

  1. Martha

    I never had a single contraction 🙂 I’m told they’re never actually USELESS though, so maybe that will comfort you a little.


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