Reigning Queen of Drama (Update)

Reigning Queen of Drama by Geeky-Girl
Reigning Queen of Drama, a photo by Geeky-Girl on Flickr.

She’s fine. I would actually go so far to say that after spending a day at the vet she has made a 100% recovery. Their official diagnosis was “soft tissue damage” and they gave her an anti-inflammatory and said no long walks or big activity for 2 weeks, which is what I had expected and hoped for.

They also said if she was not showing any improvement by Monday to bring her back for the fun (expensive) tests like x-rays (which I would not let them do on Friday) but I honestly haven’t heard her yelp once since she got home.

In addition, she has been running up the stairs, lifting her (injured) leg above her head to chew her foot, and other things like that.

So I’m pretty sure the whole thing was just all in her head. Something hurt, it surprised her and she remembered how concerned we were, so she milked it. Sometimes she really is too smart for her own good.