Preschool Prep!

Tomorrow morning I’m going to attempt to register Jack for preschool starting in September. Preschool. Starting in September. They’re already registering.

We’re not doing anything too fancy, just signing him up at a local church preschool to get him some socialization basically. Just a part time, 2 day a week 3 hours a day thing. He can learn people skills like playing with other kids and following directions in a group. Important stuff like that, that I just don’t feel like we can do for him 100% at home. At least not without adopting an army of 2 year olds for him to play with.  And I’m just not too keen on the idea of starting him at a preschool where they actually intentionally teach them things. Not that they wouldn’t teach him things here, just that I want this to be about play and not about his future college plans already, you know?

The part that blows my mind about this whole thing (aside from the fact that he’s going to be going to PRESCHOOL! Wasn’t he just a baby?? Is it too soon??) is that this preschool that I’m really hoping he gets into is like the last one to register. Church preschool around here is apparently so highly in demand that not only are we signing him up now for something he won’t attend until SEPTEMBER but they have a lottery system to do it. You show up at the community center, you put your name in a bucket, and then they call names. There is no first come first serve because people started coming crazy early and to be honest, if it had required it, I would gladly have been one of them.

So tomorrow morning my mom is picking Jack up and I’m going to go hopefully get him into a 2 year old class for September. If not I’m going to get him on the wait list and then cross my fingers that some other kid drops out, or gets accepted somewhere else that was actually their first choice or something like that because I only toured two preschools and then I really only liked this one, so hold a good thought for me!

One thought on “Preschool Prep!

  1. You’ll LOVE having him at a play-based preschool! They’ll get around to learning all the fun things that preschoolers are supposed to learn like ABCs and colors and shapes and all that stuff, but he’ll have so much fun and he’ll be able to interact with his peers so well going into Kindergarten. Yay for awesome preschools that let 2 year old be 2 year olds! And yes, we put both of our kids in preschool at 2 years old also. It’s good for them, and good for the parents too!


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