And Now I Drive a Minivan

I had pretty much given up hope on finding  a van I liked more than my Pilot. With the Pilot I just knew when I drove it that I wanted it, and I definitely did not get that from the vans I had been in so far. And then Craigslist had the PERFECT van listed.

Fast forward almost 2 weeks and I bought a 2008 Honda Odyssey and as of today I sold my Pilot.

I kind of can’t believe it happened so fast. I mean the van was practically too good to be true, and there was another couple interested in it so I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to end up with it anyways. And then I did. So Wednesday I officially “won” the Odyssey, Friday I had the Pilot detailed (it’s really hard to stop referring to it as “my car” but that’s what I’ve almost typed like every time) and listed it for sale and Sunday morning I got a call from a dealership in Hendersonville offering to the buy it. Today I registered the Odyssey and sold the Pilot which is both very exciting, and very sad. (It also means I’ll have to make another trip to the DMV which is very very sad.)

So we’ll see how long it takes before I start thinking of the minivan as “my car” and stop thinking about the Pilot. I still can’t believe it’s gone.

And now I drive a minivan. Sometimes I’m almost embarrassed to say that out loud, but then I use my remote clicker to open the sliding back doors and then I’m totally OK with it.