The Mega-Nap Dilemma

So today appears to be one of those fluke days when Jack defies napping odds to sleep for.. I don’t actually know how long yet as he is still sleeping. I would say he fell asleep around 1:10, it’s currently 3:40. He usually sleeps for 1.5-2 hours so this is definitely getting into mega-nap territory and that brings me to the dilemma part.

The part where I start wondering… how long is too long? Is there a “too long” or should I shut up and thank my lucky stars that he’s sleeping? I mean he’s had a cough for the last few days that have made sleep less than ideal at night and during nap time, but last night he barely coughed at all and this morning he slept til 7 so I sort of thought that covered it.

And now I start thinking about things like…. is he going to sleep tonight? Is he going to get in bed and play til 9pm? (Not that I mind so much because he’s usually content singing and talking to himself from bed time til whenever he falls asleep, I just feel kind of bad for him that he’s not sleeping). And so should I wake him up? I know, I know.. don’t wake a sleeping baby! But I hate for his schedule to go completely wonky.

On the other hand, I don’t want to wake him up.. does this mean he’ll fall asleep late and therefore sleep later in the morning so I can also sleep later in the morning? (Let’s be real, I’m going to wake up by 7 no matter what happens, my body is programmed it cannot be altered).

So that leaves me here, trying to distract myself on the computer while hoping that he sleeps as long as he needs to sleep, but also hoping that he wakes up soon because long naps like this are SO WEIRD and they freak me out that here I was given this gift that I did not take proper advantage of so what kind of crappy sleep am I going to get tonight in return?

And he’s still sleeping…. stilllll sleeping…. and I’m still staring at the video monitor looking for signs of life and there are none. I’m almost tempted to go start reorganizing the cabinets with the glasses in them to make room for baby bottles and other such stuff, but I know that’s pretty much begging for him to wake up right in the middle and then I’ll just be sad I can’t finish.

So in the mean time if you need me I’ll be on the sofa staring at the video monitor and trying to pretend I’m busy or something.

3:45, still sleeping.