So I was originally going to write this post last night, but at around 8:15 when I was debating between writing this “quick post” or going to bed, I opted to go to bed instead. I was beat!

In the morning Jack and I played for a little bit, then went to the mall to ride the train again and play on Scoop and the other ride on toys, it was big fun! Then we came home and had lunch and before we knew it, it was nap time!

What I should have done was take a nap when Jack took a nap.

Instead what I did was vacuum downstairs, (we moved his bedroom upstairs to his “boy boy room” so I feel safe running the vacuum during nap time now), cleaned the downstairs bathrooms, start a load of towels, cooked a pot roast and mashed potatoes for dinner.

I think I’m getting to be too far along for that much crap all in one day. My back was killing me by bedtime and I think I was asleep practically the instant my head hit the pillow! Or at least after it hit the pillow after I got back up to take some tylenol before bed.