Mixed Signals

I don’t think Layne ever actually developed useful signals to let us know when she has to go to the bathroom. Before when I worked it was easy. Nate took her out when he got up, I took her out when I left for work, Nate took her out again when he got home from work and I took her out one last time before bed. Now that I’m home all the time she probably only goes out 3 times per day for the most part, and on those days where maybe it’s been a while since she went out last (like today) she doesn’t do a very good job of letting us know she has to go.

Today we were sitting watching TV and she came out into the living room, and walked back into the bedroom. Then a couple of minutes she came back out and stood in the doorway just watching us. So I figured I’d take a shot. “Layne, do you want to go potty?” and she ran towards the back door and did a circle. I took that for a yes.

Really though, she went NO WHERE NEAR the back door to signal that she had to pee or anything, just the creepy dog staring. After the jumbone incident Nate suggested that maybe we should go back to the bell method we used when she was a puppy (because she also could not tell us she had to potty, instead she used to walk across the living room and just stop in the middle and pee. it was awesome). Basically it was just some bells hung around the door knob that she learned to ding when she had to pee… but I’m kind of worried she’d abuse it. As it is if we’re sleeping and she’s not she doesn’t hesitate to come over and sniff an exposed hand/arm/leg that she can reach in an attempt to lure us out of bed. So in the mean time I guess we’re stuck trying to interpret her creepy dog stares.